a sockwork orange

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dye dreams classy sox with a touch of cashmere is the perfect yarn for a warm winter sock, like this new fishbone gansey design (not yet released, but soon!). and what better color for a winter club kit than a juicy orange to break up the gray?

but the color needed a name, so we put it to you to decide and the votes are in—thank you to everyone who participated!
we had 338 comments for suggested names and 858 votes in the poll
(you can view the results by clicking here)

and the winner is ashley w, who suggested a sockwork orange as the name for this irresistible colorway. thank you ashley!

BTW, the dye dreams club kits are available as single-season kits—you can order just one or collect them all. the dye dreams ravelry group also hosts KALs for each kit, a fun way to experience them in a group.

the pattern for this fishbone gansey sock will be included in the winter club kit; it will also be available in the knitspot pattern shop as a standalone item after the club kits have shipped (til then, we have lots of other smooshy, wintery sock patterns to tide you over, heh).

4 thoughts on “a sockwork orange

  1. Thanks so much for sponsoring the color naming contest. It was very fun. I think it got us all thinking of bright days and sunshine in 2010.

    I also really like this guernsey sock pattern in A Clockwork Orange. 🙂 I can’t wait to knit it. Thank you for all of your hard work on your designs, which yield results that are so intricate and beautiful.

    Your blog, projects and patterns are an inspiration! Happy 2010!

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