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it finally stopped—today is the first day since last thursday that we haven’t had any snowfall. of course, it’s probably too cold to snow now, haha. but this past weekend? it was a shovel-fest. poor david.

sigh; i was supposed to be on a plane to san diego right now but for some mysterious reason, my flight was cancelled. it must be due to snow and bad weather somewhere else because here, it couldn’t be a more beautiful day. cold yeah, but not the craziest cold i’ve ever seen and not like in some places (although i just checked and it’s colder here than in maine, new hampshire, northern new york, montreal, toronto, and alaska (where it’s 33 degrees and raining; how crazy is that??).
that’s pretty cold, and not like our usual at all.

fortunately we have heat and knitting.


i washed my new waffle creams hat, which i knit in stone soup DK and it turned out a treat—so soft and cuddly and it fits perfectly, too. just in time to put it through its paces; i love the slate shade, which is the darkest color we have so far. since i’m home today after all, i will wear it out this evening when i go to yoga class; i’m going to try to get the pattern written up, too.

here are a few shots of it on my head; i don’t carry it off as well as sarah would, but i’m still keeping it, haha. she can knit one of her own (ok, that’s NOT gonna happen, but maybe her mom will do it).


while i’m on the road, i’m going to knit a second one in the marble shade to test the pattern in an alternate size; we had this partial skein all wound up in our leftovers bag and having a second hat for the gifting box will be one step along the path to next christmas, right? i think there is even enough in that ball to knit david’s size—the hat is surprisingly light and takes less yarn than i thought, about 150 yards for my size.

i guess my out-of-proportion excitement over a dumb hat tells you something about the kind of winter we’re having around here.


but soon, soon, i will be in another mindset entirely. since i was supposed to take off this morning, i am completely packed, even my knitting.  i have lots of secret knitting to do, but some public projects as well. in fact, traveling to a kim’s is a good reason to resurrect some projects that have been languishing.


like my arts & anne sweater in sea pearl—i am almost ashamed that i haven’t finished it up. you are probably sick and tired of my promises that i AM finishing it. it’s not as if i’ve been spending the time instead eating bon-bins and watching telly, but i actually do WANT this sweater to wear, so i’m going to try like crazy to it done on this trip.


here’s another project that i really need to get going on. when we had a test batch of our december club yarn—festivus—spun up, everything about it was great except that the mill made the incorrect yarn weight. so we have about 80 generous skeins of this wonderful fingering yarn. it’s the perfect thing for a squishy, soft valentine’s day scarf. i started swatching eons ago and there it lays, half swatched.

time to get that puppy out of bed and running around the yard, you know? it would be a really fun limited edition kit. the yarn is a bit of an adventure; this mill doesn’t do skein washing, so the yarn undergoes quite a transformation when it’s washed. i like it unwashed for knitting because it’s smoother and easier to cable with. but then later, i love how it puffs and become airy-light; perfect for a warm layer around my neck (and yes, there will likely be a matching cowl or infinity version).


i’m also bringing along my op-art cowl, which i’m knitting up in worsted weight spirit trail verdande. it’s coming along just as i imagined; i can’t wait to get it off the needles to show you. this is the wild blueberry colorway; it’s actually darker in person with just highlights of that bright blue, which are so pretty against the deeper midnight color.

i have the same color in both sunna and bite as well, but on this trip, i’m going to bring the vavavoom color to cast on a pair of armwarmers.


it’s always nice to have at least one project going in a bright color for knitting at night or when the light is low. i should actually cast these on before i head out tomorrow so if i want to knit them on the plane, i can.

i am SO excited to see kim and to feel the sun. i wanted david to come along but he begged off this time; he probably wants us to have some girl time. alright then, the next time i see you will be on the other side; stay warm!

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  1. I am so happy for you to escape to a warmer place and none better than with our beautiful soon to be bride Kim. Please give her a hug for me. Enjoy your time but do try to finish up that pretty sweater and other pretty knits like that blue cowl. When I get my cast off I am treating myself to something new from you, well in addition to the awesome Lime kit I scored! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Have a fab time. I am so glad you will be able to spend some quality time together. To run, see color, hang with a friend, eat, laugh…..Life is Good!

  3. Sorry the flight was cancelled!!! Here I was–picturing you already in sunny California. Have a great time when you do get there!

  4. So sorry your trip got delayed by a day. Wow, you’ve had some snow. We are forecast for more of the white stuff today. I ran errands and it is truly bitter outside. I’m hunkered down inside for the rest of the day. I’ve got lots of yarn to keep me warm.

    Love all of your projects and cannot wait for the sweater release. Whenever that may be. It’ll be a fun spring project.

    Enjoy your visit with Kim. And the warm temperatures in San Diego.

    {{{hugs and love}}}

  5. What a bummer that your trip got delayed. Hope you get away tomorrow without any hitches! Have a fabulouso time together and enjoy that sunshine! I am hoping that there will be a cute scarf kit ready for release on Valentines. I might just have to treat myself!! Love the colour of that slate too.

  6. You already know that I am seriously jonesing for the Arts and Anne sweater. Lucky you to escape winter for a few days to enjoy sunny San Diego. Have a great trip!

  7. Brrrr! You’ll definitely be ready for San Diego when you land! Have a wonderful time off!

  8. It has been cold enough here on the Gulf Coast that I am green with envy about your trip to San Diego! You greatly deserve a FUN, warm trip. Have a wonderful visit with your dear friend and leave an extra blanket for David!

  9. Love your yarny posts! I am on a yarn diet, but I really love that blue! It’s so hard being good when you tempt us so.
    I would be very happy to switch the weather with you. Winter is my favorite season and all the snow you’re having is making me have withdrawls! I am (dare I say it) tired of the warm temps and rain.
    Have a great time visiting Kim!

  10. Leave that Snowmageddon and come on down! The cabana’s waiting for you! Chica is polishing up her manners, and the citrus is piled on the counter (courtesy of Sam the fruit picker).

  11. I love that wild blueberry yarn…and am excited to see your sweater, too 🙂 It’s beautiful here in San Diego right now, as this time of year so often is…you’re visiting Kim at the perfect time!

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