sun, sea, sky—you asked for it

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i bet you’re bored to death with all these photos of blue, blue, blue, right??

if you’re like me though, you haven’t seen nearly enough. i’m trying to bank as much of this weather as i can before we head home on thursday, sigh. we just might have to move out here . . .

yesterday we got up early and headed to coronado to take sprössling to the beach for a photo shoot

david got some wonderful shots, which we’ll share for the pattern release when we get home—i’ve also been collecting photos of the sweater worn by all the test knitters so that you can see it on each of us.

we hung around coronado a bit to watch the waves, which were impressive yesterday

and to soak up the sun while watching the surfers try to master them.

after a while, we decided the sweater needed an ice cream, too, so we headed to mootown creamery, where kim and i had discovered a double-dark chocolate that we thought david would like (he did; he’s pretty picky about how dark his chocolate ice cream should be)

personally, i’m a diehard vanilla fan—i try that flavor everywhere i go; coffee is a close second favorite, so i always get a scoop of each.

after the ice cream, we waddled back to the car and headed home to snooze a little and make a nice dinner for everyone. we cooked up a big platter of pasta with vodka sauce, which is automatically put on the tyler family menu each time i visit.

i’ve been working on a lot of secret knitting, and also my henley sweater—i’m halfway up the front but i forgot to take a photo today, so i’ll have to show that to you tomorrow.

kim, though has an FO she wants to share

she knit a sweater for her son cole—no small feat, since he stands at around 6 feet 5 inches and has arms til tomorrow.
it turned out beautiful, right?

the sweater features fully fashioned raglan armholes and kim’s first one-row buttonholes (which she’s really happy with).

now, if we could only find some buttons—you wouldn’t believe how few shops there are here for such things . . .

with that project off the needles, kim is starting an ariann sweater in great northern yarns mink/cashmere (radiant purple)—does that sound yummy, or what??

this morning we got up and walked up the “butt-burner”—that’s what we call the hill you see in the background of this photo. on the way home through the orchard, we picked our fill of oranges, tangelos, and tangerines for breakfast, mmm.

then it was time to get ready to go out—today we hooked up with our dear friend jocelyn in la jolla for a little lunch, shopping, and walking.

and look what she was wearing when we arrived—her very own sprössling. i’m hoping that each of you will go RIGHT now to her blog and tell her how sexy she looks in her fitted blue sweater—i mean, is she smashing or what??

and don’t even get me started on the ravishing color—she should wear bright, cheery colors all the time, yes??

we walked around a bit and jocelyn took us to a favorite jewelry store where i’m afraid we all succumbed to nearly-matching bracelets (it’s ok; they’re just matchy enough to be our secret friendship bracelets)

i had to get the green and she had to get the blue and kim got a multi-colored one—well, wouldn’t you have?

we had a scrumptious lunch on an outdoor patio to finish the afternoon off—just the perfect visit. i just wish we could do it more often.

tonight we are staying in to knit—we’ve just finished a terrific dinner of enchiladas created by kim and sam and we’re all ready to watch a movie, once homework is done.

tomorrow, we’ll have an update on all of the many, many critters that live on the tyler property—kade has several new additions to his menagerie and a few new volunteers as well.

and hopefully, we’ll hit one more beach before we have to leave on thursday morning . . . i know that’s what i’m here for

41 thoughts on “sun, sea, sky—you asked for it

  1. Coronado Island sure beats January in Ohio. Look at that gorgeous sky! We were there earlier in the week. Glad you had lovely weather. Looks like heaven on earth

  2. Everyone’s sweaters fit in perfectly with the cheery weather – just beautiful! Now off to Jocelyn’s blog to tell her the same thing.

  3. Re Kim’s son’s sweater: I wonder if wooden buttons similar to those you bought for David’s sweater would work? Just a thought……….

    LOVE, LOVE the matching bracelets/sweaters!! What a special memory for all 3 of you.

  4. It’s supposed to get up to 34 here tomorrow – hasn’t been that warm in weeks. If you could send a little of that weather here, I’d appreciate it!

  5. can’t wait for the new sweater….and those oranges on the tree were amazing! it was about 11 degrees tonight coming home from work at midnight!!! yikes. your post warmed me up!!

  6. ……sigh….it is -10 here right now. Those beach pictures are enough to make a grown woman cry….SO beautiful!

    Kim lives in a very beautiful corner of the world!

  7. such a warm treat to share your west coast vacation, thanks for all of the beach shots and citrus goodness! Not to mention the fibery beauties! Your trip makes me long for Laguna Beach again – a place we haven’t lived in years.

  8. Buttons are always hard for me to find. I have a bunch I bought on Etsy from a vintage button dealer. Buttons Galore I believe.

    I love Sprossling. I want to knit it in some red BFL that I’ve dyed. Or Origanum. Or Roast Carrots. I can’t wait!

    I messed up Maplewing! I have an extra pattern repeat of the border pattern! 14 instead of 13. I plan to run TWO up the back instead of the one. I know it’ll throw off the shape, but I can’t bear to rip it out at this point. I forge onwards.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the burst of summery-goodness! You answered my question BEFORE I could even ask. I remembered seeing the green sweater you are wearing in the photos as you were making it but couldn’t remember the name. It looks like one of those I’d wear again and again. And now that I’ve seen it in blue, I am even more in love with it. I will be purchasing the pattern for sure. Any suggestions to a favorite yarn for it?

  10. I am excited the Sprossling is being released soon. I’ve loved that pattern from the get-go. Kim’s in the blue highlights complements her eyes beautifully.
    Funny she is making a purple Ariann, I am finally finishing mine in purple too!

  11. Sprossling would look great in any setting! However, it’s great to see the San Diego area. You’re in my “old neck of the woods.” Man, am I missing those beautiful So. Cal winters. Thanks for all the sunny pics. So glad you are having BIG FUN!

  12. What a fun time you all are having! I think they need to come up with another season for Southern CA. Winter doesn’t quite cut it.
    Love the Sprossling in those bright clear colors.
    Kim’s sweater is great, too.
    Thanks for sharing and say “hi” to Kim for me.

  13. I just have to say that the picture of you and David with the ice cream is just precious. Y’all are too cute together.

  14. I realized it was 6 degrees after I took my walk this morning – no wonder I was so cold!!! Your pictures are the perfect antidote. Waves, sand, ice cream, jewelry (very cute bracelets, by the way), and fabulous sweater shots. What a perfect day. Here it’s hot tea and lots of wool – head to toe.

    I love the shot of the ‘butt burner’ through the orange grove. It’s hard for me to imagine picking ones own oranges off trees.

    Very seductive place, southern CA.

  15. So funny to see your photos of my neck of the woods! I enjoy your blog as much for the glimpse of midwestern weather/life/gardening as for the knitting. I love seeing the snow and frost patterns on your windows – but I’m glad you got a chance to enjoy our mild January and your photos are great. Come back soon.

  16. You both look beautiful in your sweaters! We were out that way last year in February – I was awe struck by the gorgeous orange trees.

  17. The bright spring colors of the sweaters are definitely a boost in the winter cold and look great on both of you! The pictures of the beautiful blue water and sunny warmth are just the ticket for breaking up the winter blahs…I’m headed to hawaii in a few short days and your photos today made me smile and will hold me till I get there!

    Southern Cali…maybe we should just all go hide there!

  18. Anne- Such a beautiful place- picking fruit, wow.

    I’m not a huge chocolate fan, I love a good vanilla, or a burgundy cherry. Interesting.

  19. never bored with blue skies, just jealous! it is so bitterly cold in NYC. yesterday it was about 35 – a virtual heat wave here. so embed that blue sky and warm weather in your memory as it will be a while before you can luxuriate in it again!

  20. Oh, what beautiful pictures! I can almost hear the waves crashing and smell the salt air.

    And coffee ice cream?!?!?!?! I thought I was one of the only people who likes it. It’s hard to find a good one – Friendly’s in Boston makes a good coffee ice cream.

    Enjoy soaking up the sun!

  21. If you do move to Cali, just stay out of L.A. That’s my only advice, and don’t live inland. It gets hot as hades and no relief unless you have a pool. 🙂 I do so enjoy your posts. The sprosslings are awesome. Glad you’re enjoying your stay in California.

  22. I love Southern California so much. Haven’t been back in a long time. I miss the weekends of my youth when we would all climb into a car and head to Pismo Beach for the weekend and spend all day surfing. Being an adult really sucks up the time and stops those kinds of crazy weekends.

  23. Great pictures Anne. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jamie Lee Curtis? The sunny weather agrees with you. However – its coffee ice cream for me with vanilla as a close second. The best coffee ice cream I have found is Homer’s in Wilmette, Illinois (in case you are ever there). I’m leaving for SC the day you are leaving SC – we will cross in the skies. TSA says knitting needles are ok – yay!

  24. Hi, Anne –
    Southern CA looks a lot nicer than Northern CA did yesterday.

    I am looking forward to seeing an update on Kade’s menagerie. He reminds me of the author of a series of books I am reading right now, Gerald Durrell. If Kade’s a reader, I think he would enjoy a trilogy of his childhood in Corfu. The first book in the series is called My Family and Other Animals. I think Kade and he might be kindred spirits.

  25. If you get brave enough to start a fair isle sweater, I would use your last photo in this post as inspiration for a color way…Greens, browns, blues, yellow and white…really stunning. Mind if I use it for a reference once I get my KnitPicks Palette color cards?

  26. Oh those pictures just make my cabin fever even worse! 🙂 I think there is nothing more that I would like than to bask in some sunshine on the beach ..


  27. You keep hitting family touchpoints for us – our daughter was in Cleveland the last few years, and my in-laws honeymooned all of one summer on Coronado (setting up the series of events that resulted in daughter being in Cleveland).

    Great sweater, and you BOTH looks smashing in it.

  28. I love Coronado!!! We’re headed to CA next month and I can’t wait for the sunshine! (Although it’s raining there now)

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