knot to worry

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Christine Says:
. . . I’ve looked all over for more details on your site on the ostrich plumes lace – is this a specific pattern you are knitting? Or one that you designed? Is that yarn that you spun, or something that you bought?
I’m in love with the pattern, and really want to add it to my collection! 😀

thank you, christine! the blue yarn is not handspun, but it is hand-dyed, from my overdye experiments in the last couple of weeks (a recycling project to honor earth day, and to
use what i have).
the ostrich plumes stole is my own design, soon to be available here; i am struggling to put a shop on my site for the patterns and some yarns. if anyone knows anyone (or IS someone) who might be able to help, for some kind of payment-in-trade or some combination of payments and bartering, i’d be mighty interested! maybe i could tempt someone with some lovely handspun, hand-dyed laceweight yarn, or a handknit shawl . . .

and speaking of yarn protests:

PersnicketyKnitter Says:
Well, you know I’m in for that bad yarn email campaign. But the campaign needs a name. What are you going to call it? Bad Yarn Feedback Day? Yarn Rant Day? It needs a catchy name.

you are SO right, and i am thinking about that! i have a little logo pic made up, and everyone is already on board for it. when i got to class monday morning it was the talk of the hour(s). hmm, lots of very angry N–o users out there! so let’s have any and all suggestions about what to call it, and how to get the word out. here is a little inspiration:

how about “knot taking it any more!”?
i am so tired right now, i can’t even think, but i’m sure we can come up with something.
once it has a name and i have the contact info on a page of it’s own for downloading, i can ask all the podcasters and the famous bloggers to help get the word out

now, about me and my knitting
well, actually, i don’t have much news about that! more progress on the otrich plumes last night, but i have been at my desk since 9am today and have not touched my needles (yes, my hands are itching, twitching, and ready to strangle something!!) (sorry about that).

but i did make progress on my blue sock yesterday

this handspun is knitting up so evenly, that it is almost not likeable. but the color is so fun and cheerful, i can’t be mad at it!

anne, from my monday morning class is making a feather and fan stole (like the one beth made in the olympics) from another knitspot pattern

she’s using mountain colors bearfoot; isn’t it dreamy? she is having so much fun with it, she can’t stop working on it. i tried to warn her what would happen if she kept that up; she would finish it, that’s what, and then where would she be?

she just snorted and said she would start an ostrich plumes stole.

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  1. Anne,
    I am in for whatever you decide to name the yarn rant, as long as we could also demand that the inside ends are pulled to the outside instead of crammed in so far that you havae to turn the ball inside out to find it!

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