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it feels like years since i thought or talked about knitting or anything fiber-related—i have had my nose stuck to the computer screen all day trying to get this project out for work, and guess what?
there’s still a LOT more to do!! crikey . . .

so again (and i apologize profusely), this is gonna be short and sweet.

i finished the ostrich plumes stole last night—YES! it doesn’t look much different than yesterday’s picture, so i will wait til i stretch it this weekend and then post it. but for the record, it is everything it promised it would be.
and, in class yesterday, i finished the blue sock, so i have half of that pair done—woo-woo!

and—and i know some people will cheer for this—melissa, my-friend-from-work, is looking at some shopping cart tools and such in order to help me get a little shop up and running!! YAY! soon you will see all sorts of goodies on offer (we hope!)

and get this, melissa crochets, right—but she normally works with yarn. so, she started following the blog, and guess what?? last week she went out and bought red #20 crochet cotton TO MAKE LACE!! i SO did a snoopy dance over that!

wanna see some yarn porn? of course you do! first let me explain, in case anyone else went to little knits last week and saw they had new colors in schaefer anne. if you were there, and watched them disappear before your eyes, that would’ve been debbie buying ALL of it!

and you know what happened to some of it? are you ready for this? are you sure?

i feel SO special—a gift for me! again with the gift that has my name on it! this is SO gonna make another lace project, naybe the feather stole for the shop; there might even be enough for socks . . . heehee!

i took a couple of very short breaks to mosey around the yard—just ferreting out the daily surprises of spring—and i took the yarn with me, why not? first we checked out the climbing hydrangeas.

they are growing slower than molasses, but in good health. oh! sorry, you can’t see them here because the yarn is taking th spotlight. ooops; looks like most of the garden pix turned out the same way.

here’s one where we lounged for a few minutes on the garden bench that david made

just . . . lying in a fetching pose, putting on airs.

i wish i could say that a design for this yarn came instantly to mind, but seriously, i haven’t been able to think about knitting today, til now. groooaaann

and just as seriously, i have to get back to it. i’ll be back tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “deadlining

  1. so i wondered why there was NO YARN LEFT..the Anne yarn is beautiful and I hear it knits like a dream. sure have missed the blog while on vacation and looking forward to knitting classes in the near future.

    can’t wait to see what you are going to make with your gift!!


  2. Hey, my name is Anne, too (All Annes should get a couple of hanks)! Where is Little Knits?
    That yarn is sooo lovely.
    ps Completed my first-ever sock. Second is getting close to the toe! Can’t wait, it fits like a glove…..

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