it’s a sunny day, oh yeah

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it’s gotten super cold here again, but we’ve had three or four days of full sun and blue skies in the last week (not all in a row, but you can’t have everything).

even the [ETA] amaryllis is finally responding. it sat there for a few weeks after i planted it and i was beginning to think nothing would come of it, when suddenly this week, it started growing—a couple of inches every day, if i’m not mistaken. it warms my heart to have something coming to life before my eyes.

maybe next year, i’ll do some more of these—all different varieties. i really like the results that other people have had with brightening up their homes this way (and i never really thought of doing it for us—duh—i’m a gardener; why wouldn’t this work for me? it’s not even very much trouble to take care.).

i haven’t started drooling over seed catalogs yet and am not thinking too much of the garden either, right now, though i’m sure i will be soon—i feel a lot more energetic once we start having sunny days again.

anyhoo, here we are and it’s friday already, can you believe it? it’s already been a week since i flew away to denver and i haven’t even shown you some of the beautiful things i took home from there.

christie, from tin cup arts, purveyors of lotion bars and sticks, gave me a lotion bar and a stick in two different fragrances to try on my very dry hands. these are smooth, very fragrant blends of the best oils and butters. she doesn’t sell online, but you can find tin cup products at local shops—see a full list of retailers here.

and you know there was some yarn to succumb to as well . . .

i just love these two skeins of red rocks aspen sock yarn given to me by mary kay, the dyer behind the label—she has many more awesomely beautiful yarns and spinning fibers in her online shop (and take a look at her wonderful photo shoot from the workshops last weekend—much better than i did).

i’m not sure what colorway this is, but i just adore it—i can practically smell the peat, the pines, and fresh mountain air when i look at it. the colors are rich and complex—a little more brown than the photo shows—just the kind of yarn i like, thanks mary kay!

another couple of gorgeous yarns came to me from debbie o’neill, who, along with kristi geraci (who i missed seeing last weekend, pout), has started a little dye business called pink dendelion yarns along with the myriad other wonderful things they do (they design, they write, they blog, they are moms—they are superwomen!).

yeah, yeah, so what about the yarn, you ask?
well, it’s lovely—the fingering sock, shown above in colorway tequila sunrise, is deep, juicy, complex semi-solid with a springy, plumpness that will surely show off stitch patterns to great advantage.

they also gave me a couple of skeins of their merino lace in the color purple—another winning yarn for sheer lace projects.

debbie has also announced that her new book, the stitch collection, is at the printer and in the works for a may release (hopefully we will get a closer look at it, once it’s ready—you know how i love stitch dictionaries).

back at home, there were a couple of yarn deliveries waiting for me, too—i am very excited to show you something new from craig at great northern yarns

new spring colors for the cashmere/mink collection. just the thing for late-winter knitting, when it’s still plenty cold enough for mink and cashmere, but you need something to perk up your spirit.

from left to right we have coral, apple green, terra cotta, lavender, and marigold. these will put a bright touch of accent color to those brown and gray coats, to let everyone know that you know that spring is coming.

and chris has sent some yarn to help me get ready for the knitting olympics

a batch of grandma’s blessing and a big batch of sea pearl (which didn’t photograph well enough to show you, sigh).
she has also stocked her online shop to the gills in preparation for the games over the last few weeks, including items that have been out of stock for a while, PLUS—a listing for her cashmere special

(this gorgeous stuff i showed you a little while back, YUM).
AND she is offering knitspot readers a 10% discount on all orders between now and february 6—simply use the code “knitspot” when you check out and your order will be discounted.

she is rooting for me to knit along with her for the duration. i have to admit that i haven’t given the olympics much thought (oh, the shame of it), but since the first olympics was a feature of my earliest blog posts four years ago, i feel it would only be right to make something.

so i have two possibilities: i need to knit david a hat (i know, i still haven’t done that!) and by coincidence, he chose a yummy, dark, chunky merino that chris sent about a month ago

which i despair of photographing well.

OR, i can finish his blue fatigue sweater, which has only about half a sleeve to its name (i haven’t worked on it since before christmas, if i remember correctly). it would be a big push to get that done, but i might be able to do it (my secret knitting is going well at this point).

ooops, i gotta run now—we have a doctor’s appt and i have to get my license renewed today—o good opportunity to take my longjohn socks out for a ride and to add a little length to them . . . yup, i don’t even have time to proofread this til later, sorry.

next time, more knitting to show, i promise.

19 thoughts on “it’s a sunny day, oh yeah

  1. Oh Anne – you are our knitting Icon, but you haven’t figured out that you are growing an amarylis, instead of an anemone! Funny woman. Thank God you are the expert when it comes to yarn and knitting!

  2. OK, I won’t laugh at you about the amaryllis since the other posters have already (hahahahah….)

    It sounds like your bd is coming right up if you are renewing your license. Maybe David will knit you a hat to go with your scarf?

    I’ll take a sunny day in the teens to a gray day in the 30’s anytime! But seed catalogs? That would just be torture at this point – we have months of winter to go!

    Every day is the knitting olympics for me – I’ll be happy just to finish a sweater (or three) before it’s too warm to wear one.

  3. you are such an enabler! all this yarn looks delicious! after you posted that yarn from hedgehog fibres i got on beata’s mailing list & ended up ordering some cashmere lace yarn in the sour cherry colorway. it took a few weeks to get here, since it was being shipped from scotland, but now that it’s here i am completely smitten and i think it’s going to jump over everything else in my queue to become a butternut scarf!

  4. My parents have an amarylis that we call the “mama amarylis” because it is huge. They’ve had it for many, many years now, and the pot is big enough to hug and chock full of bulbs. She’s been divided a number of times, and is due again, I think. It takes two people to lift her. My parents keep it blooming year after year. She goes outside when the weather is nice, and comes inside to a pitch black closet in the basement with a black garbage back on top to hibernate when it gets cold out. Then, right aobut the time the Christmas tree comes down, they go take a peak. Ususally she’s sprouted some white leaves and flower stalks. There’s usually about 5 or 6 stalks, and she’s quite the center piece.

  5. Why is it that posts like these always get me in trouble. I’m walking away. Besides, I already ordered three skeins of Great Northern Yarn in apple. That’s all I’m buying!!!

  6. Of all these gorgeous yarns, it’s the Red Rocks that makes my toes curl. The colorway is everything I love and miss about that part of Colorado!

  7. Now that your amaryllis is growing, you don’t need this information, but for the future: I read that you can speed up growth by placing the pot on a heating pad or warm radiator. I tried a radiator for this purpose about a month ago when a few of my plants didn’t seem to be doing anything and I needed some assurance that they would grow and I would eventually be able to enjoy their beautiful flowers. It worked.

  8. Oh, how I love that sock yarn! Sock yarn is all I seem to want these days and that springy, good stitch definition type is just the kind I love! I agree with the other commenter — you are an enabler!

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