it’s going to be a good one

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whatever did david do before he had post-it notes?
(although, looking at the date of its invention, he probably never knew a life before them. and i have fun collecting them over our years together . . .)

each year since we met, he has baked a homemade cake for my birthday—my favorite part of every year’s celebration (and i do celebrate; i love my birthday!).

this time, he made a carrot cake with orange and lemon zest from my friend kim’s orchard—the last of the fruit we brought home form california, yum. we’ll cut into that tonight . . .

it’s also my blogiversary, so the sentiment in that note goes out to you from me, too; thanks so much for four years of fun and chatter about knitting and so much more!

now, i have a date with a yoga tape and after that, to my knitting chair for the rest of the day to bond with my little shawl project.

137 thoughts on “it’s going to be a good one

  1. Happy, happy, Miss Anne! Thank you so much for sharing all of your creativity with us. I’ve enjoyed your designs so very much and look forward to many, many more. What a wonderful husband to bake a cake for you every year! And, just to let you know, carrot cake is my absolute favorite and it does travel well surrounded by dry ice in an overnight USPS box. I’ll pay postage!!! 🙂 Bless you always!!

  2. Late to the party wishing you a very Happy Birthday Anee! And a Happy Blogiversary too! What a yummy cake! David is a keeper- lucky you to have a cake made each year. Hope your day was filled with all things wonderful. 🙂

  3. Happy happy birthday. May it be a blessed day with joy and love and smiles around.
    The cake looks gorgeous and very, very tempting… I’m not sure I could have left it alone for a whole day.
    Also happy blogaversary

  4. I’m new to your blog and enjoying following your knitting/yarn exploits and your lovely range of patterns, quite a few have been purchased and are on my Rav list.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary.

  5. Yoga, knitting and a man who loves you enough to bake you a wonderfully luscious homemade cake. You’ve got it made! Happy, happy birthday!


  6. Happy Birthday Anne…tell David that’s a beautiful cake…and thank you for all the entertaining reading and gorgeous photos of your knitting and your garden.

  7. David is just the greatest. What a guy. You two are perfect for eachother. Happy day to you. I bet that cake is delicious. Too bad you can’t share it with all of us.LOL!!!

  8. Happy, happy (belated) birthday! Can you send David over to teach my husband how to bake a perfect birthday cake?

  9. Happy Birthday!

    It’s so funny — you had just mentioned you were going to go to your knitting chair, and I saw the last picture and thought — hmm, where is the chair? A nice room with a lot of color, but those glasses are HUUUUGE! (Then I realized it is a desktop or tabletop!)

  10. Wow,a guy who not only actively encourages and obviously loves your knitting etc. but who can also bake delicious cakes!!Where can I get one?!
    Seriously though, you are so lucky!! The cake looks scrummy and I hope you had a very happy birthday with many fab prezies and lotsmore cake too!

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