Hot Fun in the Summertime

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aah…summer has arrived. Everything I so dearly missed is back – sunshine, blue skies, puffy clouds and summer fun. And the start of this summer has been especially fun through the eyes of a little one.

Last summer was an absolute hoot watching Padraig play in a kiddie pool for the first time or swung through a sprinkler. With all that we experienced last summer, we thought it couldn’t get any better than that. And then this summer arrived.

padraig drum web

He’s now walking (really, running everywhere) and it seems like every day, to his surprise, a new word pops out of his mouth.

Last week, he jumped at the chance to kayak with Daddy out to the area of the lake where I was paddle boarding. I couldn’t believe this because not too long ago he feared deep waters. Matt said the whole route he had his arm up on the side, so comfortable, like he’d been doing it forever.

IMG_1032 web

This weekend he’ll attend his first 4th of July BBQ full of good food and lots more firsts. I can’t wait to see what he embraces.

Speaking of firsts, everyone at HQ is busy doing inventory so we can make the big move into our first retail space! We are so excited we can’t stand it. The girls are busy counting and recounting skeins and organizing them into bins,

inventory1 web

inventory2 web

while carpet is being laid at the new space

carpet1 web

and David is painting.

painting1 web

If all goes as scheduled, the big move will start in a week! Soon after, we’ll announce hours of operation and you can start planning a road trip with friends to Canton, Ohio.

Sarah’s really enjoying the experience of her first KAL. She’s taking photos along the way

sarahSwatch web

and posting them in the group, and new people are joining her every day. I just got my sport weight in the mail (wow, Knitspot ships unbelievable fast)

ericaCottonKAL web

and I’m ready to cast on Zig Zag Mitts over the holiday weekend. I’ll be sure to post progress pics! We have organic cotton lace, sport, and worsted IN STOCK and next week fingering will be added to the store. Join the KAL here to get some ideas of what everyone is making!

In the Bare Naked Wools group, the Hunter Hammersen KAL is producing some lovely socks in Bare Naked Wools!




Even though lots of people are wrapping up their sock projects, some are just beginning.


Please join us this summer knitting socks here. We have a very loose end date (thank goodness, i’m barely past the cuff of my Stone Soup Fingering ones). It’s a fun group and Hunter has LOTS of sock designs to choose from.

Maybe you can plan a road trip with some friends and work on your KAL projects on the way to some fiber fests! Bare Naked Wools will be a first-time vendor at:

Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair  Newark, Ohio   August 2,3

Michigan Fiber Festival  Allegan, Michigan   August 15,16,17

Susan is planning some extra special things for these events! Hope you can make it!

Speaking of Susan, she wanted to remind you that purple is the color of the year and the first-ever purple yarn club starts shipping to members next week!

purpleinstagram web

There’s a handful of PASSION memberships left. Snag one here and get your purple on!

Anne is filming another Craftsy class this week

Craftsy boys web

and she’ll pop in over the weekend to tell you all about it. I can’t wait! I LOVE her classes! Happy weekend all!

12 thoughts on “Hot Fun in the Summertime

  1. Ooh, ooh, my pine cone socks are famous now!

    And I can only imagine the excitement you must all feel about the new retail space. I’ve got to figure out a trip to Ohio!

  2. Retail space AND the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair? It looks like I might have a very knitspot filled August! I will definitely see you at Mid Ohio, and I will have to see about taking a road trip up to Canton once the new retail space is open! Congrats on all the new plans!

  3. Always a pleasure to see Padraig’s growth and learn of his progress. Still my favorite Internet celebrity.
    Congratulations on the news of the retail space. The fruit of a great Team’s labor.
    Enjoy the Fourth.
    Best always –

  4. Oh-My-Gosh!! How exciting! I’m tearing up over here! All these dreams coming true! All the new ideas, yarn and retail space is so exciting! I’m so thrilled and happy for you!! Congratulations!

    PS: Anne, let me know if you need a buyer for a ‘tacky wonderful’ department! LOL!!

  5. I sooo wish I could find an excure to get to OH this summer, but alas it’s a bit far from Boston…
    I will be in Anne’s old stomping grounds in the Albany area this weekend, and making a trip to the Trumpet Hill shop. Guess I’ll have to settle for a connection in spirit, if not in person!

  6. Anne’s classes are the best! The road trip idea is so appealing–I am popular because of motion sickness–everyone else can knitvwhile I drive lol! Padraig is so cute and so game!

  7. What exciting news about the new retail space. I’d love to visit one day! So exciting to see Padraig getting more confident too, he is getting so grown up!

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