freefall and floozy

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last summer i was lucky enough to be knitting with a soon-to-be-but-not-yet-released yarn from kelbourne woolens, a new lace blend named meadow that was perfect for summer, with a good measure of silk and flax to lighten up its merino and lama content.


for the opening installment of our 2013 fall in full color club, we were able to secure a colorway that wouldn’t be available to the rest of the knitting world for another year. this is was bluebonnet, a pretty gray/blue that seemed perfect for the waning summer season—reflecting the earlier evening sky, it could be worn on chilly mornings without looking heavy.


the yarn knits up with a silky hand that yet has some bounce and crunch—that bit of linen content provides structure and loft to an otherwise completely liquid combination of fibers; it’s a brilliant addition that adds just the right amount of body to the fabric.


for the design i wanted something fresh and pretty to carry us into the first days of fall. i though that working with a lace yarn—though one that is on the heavier side—was a great opportunity to knit a fabric with a larger, overall motif.


when my eye lit on this cable and lace pattern, it all came together in a moment for me—i loved everything about it. big mesh squares on the diagonal, crisscrossed with heavy solid bands that wound around each other like ribbon ties at each corner; it had the look of a big picnic cloth, a little remnant of summer days to carry along into frosty fall weather—so cute! it was settled.


freefall (the rectangle) is knit all in one straight piece from end to end, but has a gentle, curving shape when completed and blocked, due to its asymmetrical use of edgings. this allows it to drape nicely around the shoulders and flutter just a bit at the edges.


floozy (the triangle) is knit from the top down, beginning with a few stitches and ending with a knit-on hem edging. it can also be blocked with a bit of a curve to the hem, taking advantage of the ripple in the edging to create a little flair that finds each and every breeze.


i’m not sure if this colorway of meadow has been release yet, but we kept some in stock to celebrate this general release of the pattern with an accompanying kits, one for freefall and one for floozy.


who doesn’t love that? kits come in two sizes, single and double so you can knit small, big, or both. we are happy to accommodate special requests such as adding both patterns or a third skein of yarn—just ask! (we also have lots of other choices in kits for our designs—come take a look)


if it’s the single pattern you’re after, click here to view more information about the floozy triangle shawl or here to read about the freefall rectangle scarf/stole. you may also view them in my ravelry pattern shop—click here for floozy and here for freefall.


these patterns are also included in the 2013 fall in full color eBook, along with fifteen other accessory patterns from the 2013 fall color collection—that’s a lotta patterns! anyone looking for a knitalong around these designs need not look further than the ravelry clubhouse where our color clubs meet—all are welcome and appreciated.


and erica just texted me this photo from the road of a brand new freefall sample knit up in our chebris lace yarn—can you spell H-E-A-V-E-N-LY??


she picked it up on her way to meet up with susan and emily for the michigan fiber festival in allegan, MI, where the three of them will be running our bare naked wools booth this weekend. it’s a great opportunity to see all of our yarns in person, give them a squeeze and sigh over a multitude of samples.


the freefall  kit is just one of our show specials—please come out and visit us there today, tomorrow, or sunday!


and now let’s begin our weekends—tell us what you’ve got planned! for me, i believe there are more green beans and now tomatoes too. i’ll also be on the hunt for peaches, so i’m heading to the orchard farm saturday morning to see what i can score.


i was supposed to race tomorrow but my ankle still needs some recuperating so instead, i’m going to bike, which the chiropractor says is a good idea. i think erica B and i are heading out sunday for a long ride and naturally, ice cream to go with it.



7 thoughts on “freefall and floozy

  1. Ahh another WIP I need to get back to! Love seeing the pictures again though, and so pretty in the natural!

  2. Wow! The scarf with the points on one side is such a cool idea. And the curve–another wow! I am sorry to hear your ankle isn’t 100% but glad to hear you are following the chiropractor’s advice and choosing another activity. It sounds like a perfect compromis!

  3. I had forgotten just how much I like the Freefall pattern, it is so elegant. I hope your ankle gets better soon. Nothing like living with a cranky runner to know exactly how you must be feeling!

  4. This is one of my favorite FiFC knits. I gave the one I made to my sister and am often tempted to filch it back! LOL Making one for myself is definitely in the cards. I love the meadow too – a delight to work with!

    My plans this weekend include puppy class and then a nice long hike with the big dog, so that he can get a little puppy free quality time.

  5. I just finished my Freefall, and will block it this weekend – gorgeous yarn, and what a fun pattern to knit!

    We’re having a spell of beautiful, unseasonably cool weather, so I will spend as much of the weekend outside as possible. Hope your ankle is fully healed soon, Anne!

  6. Yup, I gave my Freefall away too…the color was too perfect for the recipient. Now to decide if I should make the next one from my extra skein of Chebris or go for another Bluebonnet!

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