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Are you holding onto your hats!? Anne has a new Craftsy class! Awhile back she flew to Denver with lots of large bags filled with notes and step outs.


for a secret project with these guys


and we got just a little bit of behind the scene fun


and now all the details can be revealed—it’s a class on FINISHING!

As you know, finishing is one of Anne’s favorite subjects. She wants everyone else to enjoy it too and she feels that more knitters would get jazzed about finishing tasks if only they felt better equipped. SO many knitters feel they can’t do it well, but Anne doesn’t think it’s a matter of talent—it’s really about arming yourself well and a willingness to adventure into new territory.

Cuz let’s face it—who doesn’t feel good about learning new things?

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I love all of Anne’s previous classes—Grafting and Button Bands and Buttonholes—and this new class on Finishing is a MUST HAVE. I’m that knitter who pays/begs/barters for someone to sew a seam, insert a zipper, etc. Or, sadly, I leave a project 99% completed because I fear messing it up by finishing. Anne has always told me that I can handle it, I just need patience and a little trial and error. And I always say, “if only you were there when I was finishing.” Well, now she can be.

The Essential Guide to Finishing Handknits is a collection of beginning and intermediate finishing techniques which focuses on achieving that clean, polished look you crave for your completed knits. Lesson one and two cover the essentials you need for all finishing tasks, but after that, I can jump to any lesson I need.

One day, that might be to a few tips on blocking


Or another, I might want to see my options for seaming.


This is what Craftsy calls a reference class—basically a wide survey of finishing topics with as much helpfulness as they can cram into the time allotted!  This “kitchen sink” format works a bit like an encyclopedia, touching on a wide number of areas and offering the best and most popular technique or two for each, then refers the viewer to other resources for more in-depth coverage (such as other Craftsy classes on specific finishing topics, like Anne’s Button Bands and Buttonholes class or her Grafting tutorial).


It has just the right amount of information on each subject without overwhelming you with a jungle of material. No longer do you need to fear new techniques—you can look them up ahead of time to see what’s involved and quell your fears about trying them for the first time!

Want to suss out whether you’re up to sewing in a hem or inserting a zipper in that sweater project you’re considering? It’s in there. And later, when you need step by step instructions for executing that—or just a quick tip or two—this class has you covered.

Anne can be right in my living room and I can watch it over and over until it clicks. I’m beyond excited! I’ll be able to execute a seam


that looks like this when I’m finished.


Watch out world! I may be able to finish a Highlander in Stone Soup DK!


The Essential Guide to Finishing Handknits is available now here! I’m excited to hone some new skills and build some confidence! The winner for the FREE class in our giveaway has been notified by email. Congrats!

17 thoughts on “Craftsy: Finishing Handknits

  1. Doing a happy dance! I remember writing you about putting your wonderful instruction on video and now you’ve done it! You offer such a wonderful combination of creativity and technique–I can’t wait to see and use it (even though I sometimes suspect that I’m an incorrigible case). Thanks, Anne!

  2. I too look forward to this class as I found Anne’s other two straight forward and have refereed back to each several times. Unfortunately I could not get the HERE to transfer me to a viable link.

  3. Hooray! I just got the email from Craftsy too so I can snag the class at the intro price…thanks so much for the update.

  4. thanks for the message sunny! i’m so glad you enjoyed anne’s previous classes.

    we were having issues with the links, but now they are working. sorry for the error!

  5. Just bought it, and great price too. Even though I’ve been knitting forever, I always learn something new from Anne.

  6. Thank you for doing another Craftsy class Anne! I will refer to the lessons often! I sometimes think I have learned it all and then you come along to prove me wrong – I am so grateful!

  7. Yay, Ann has another Craftsy class. I can’t wait to get this one, it is a class I desperately need.

  8. I learned to knit at a very young age from my Great Grandmother. We focused on me learning the very basics, when it came time to finish beyond binding off, NaNa would do it. She passed before teaching me finishing techniques so I have flown by the seat of my pants forever. This is something I need!

  9. Anne please consider doing the Sweater Fitness as a Craftsy class. I know it is a huge amount of information, but there are many of us who will never be able to afford to travel to where you give your classes (I live at the top of Lake Superior in canada). I would be the first to sign up and have found all your streaming classes or dvds excellent.

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