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Bare Naked Wools Boutique Grand Opening, perhaps a lifetime in the making, one must delight and savour such moments. A huge thank you to all of you for your support, kind words and generosity of spirit. How wonderful to share this experience with you, how I wish all of you to come visit in person to see what Knitspot has become. Stay tuned, for the next big thing, in the coming in the weeks ahead.



Day 1, space filled with people, some have travel a great distance, others mere steps from their homes next store. Movement proves difficult in the small space, echoes of “excuse me” rebound continuously as I traverse the hall. The accolades are like music, as one person after another expresses their exuberance for our collective success. I make my way to the back of the space, where the Knit Pit resides (Knit Pit = comfortable sofa and auspicious club chair, space to lounge, knit, contemplate, etc.), again, abound with personages, but heartened to see the space being utilized as intended, everything in it’s right space.




Alright, time for the chamber of commerce ribbon cutting, the scissors are massive, much larger than you might expect. Note my conspicuous absence from the photo, I prefer being behind the camera, although cajoled into an alternate take of ribbon cutting moments later. The evening concluded with talks by Hunter Hammersen, an Ohio based knit wear designer, she has several lovely books published and our own incomparable Anne Hanson, one of the most brilliant/knowledegable speakers I have encountered (I know, a bit bias, but nevertheless true).



Day 2, in the morning, must say not my favorite part of the day, but I courageously forge ahead, only to surrender to sleep immediately afterwards. Again there was a nice turnout, even a few people I personally invited came by. Hoping we can hold such events in the future, presently planing a ladies night. Wednesday is Knit night, come by and knit with us. Also, taking signups for beginners knitting class, send an email (name and email address) here.

A listing of prizes given away:

Yvonne Spencer – Dutch Tiles Kit

Robin Turner – Knitters Curiosity

Stephanie Bailey – The Rail

Ellie Russ – Salon Mystique

Sharon Miller – Milk and Honey

Mimi Crawford – Smoothie King

Susan Kelley – Main Street Grill

Courtny Richman – Smoothie King

Kelsey Miller – Basil

Alyssa Gearheart – Tapas 218

Cheryl Cone – Cloud Nine Cupcakes

Stephanie Garcia – Grapes in a Glass

Susan Meinal – EB’s Pub

Amanda Carter – Milk and Honey

A special thank you to our sponsors of gift certificates.


Mister Knitspot

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  1. Congratulations on the GOP!!! I wish you and Anne much happiness and success in this endeavor.

  2. A HUGE congratulations to all of you who made the opening happen! It sounds like it was a grand success, and I wish you more of the same.

  3. I won! I won! I won I won I won! I may have burst Sarah’s eardrums when she called to tell me I won!

    Thanks for such a fun evening!!

    xo xo

  4. It was a fun event and I’m glad that I was able to attend. Extra excited to read that I won a door prize. I have not heard from anyone regarding it yet though – maybe my handwriting was unclear!

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