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phew, i really didn’t think i was going to make it to this point at a decent hour, but somehow the hour is here and i’m ready.


we are off to rhinebeck in the morning! barb, sarah, and i are riding caravan style—barb in her own vehicle with me and sarah in the cargo van that will be carrying the makings of our popup shop.

i’ve got a couple of class projects on the needles and a couple of secret projects and a couple of fun new design projects that are my treat for working so hard these last couple of weeks. more on those as they progress. . . sounds like a lot of knitting, i know, but i’ll be gone almost two weeks and i’ll have some time to knit with my friends as well as my mom—i’m going to stop up and visit her after our after party.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, david, emily, erica, and anastasia will be holding down the fort. my october chapter is done and dusted and will be released sometime around midnight on the 16th.


these are the yarns i’ve picked for one of my new design projects. i’ve been playing around, mixing handed yarn with our bare naked yarns; between striping and patterning, i’ve been having a lot of fun with it. what i’ve got here for color is a beautiful skein of yarn spun by my friend phoebe and gifted to me for my birthday; i just love the raspberry and chocolate tones in it and when i put it next to our wools, it really pops.


i can’t wait to cast on—i’m thinking maybe a crescent this time. or a triangle. or both. i’ve got a hankering for a new little neck scarf and i’m pretty fond of the little triangle shape, but maybe a crescent would be a nice change up . . .


the other day we had a special guest in our monday knitting class—my friend jude spent some time with us and after he mentioned about twelve times the he wanted to learn to knit, i scrounged up some needles and yarn, sat him in the corner next to me and showed him a few tricks.


wow, fastest learner i think i’ve ever taught; i just and to show him once or twice and he knit himself a whole row. but then it was time to go, but i’m pretty sure he’ll be back.


he says he needs a hat. or a cowl.

alright now, time for me to get to bed. but please come to one of our fun weekend events at the wool show—there is indie untangled on friday evening, our knitspot lunchtime picnic on saturday at noon, our popup shop on sunday afternoon, and our retreat from monday through wednesday. all are welcome; see you at the fair!

11 thoughts on “quick getaway

  1. I won’t be able to make Rhinebeck this year. Please come and set up your yarn booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool in May!! And teach classes, especially on sweater fitting.

  2. Your friend Jude is too handsome for words! Have a great trip–travel safe and be well–andof course, enjoy!

  3. Hope you guys have fun! Wish I could be there. And wow what a fast learner! My daughter was like that, but of course she has no real interest in the actual knitting, she just wants the finished item.

  4. I love pink handspun with your BareNaked yarns. I have lots of skeins of handspun that I might be able to match up. But the thing I love even more if the birth of a new knitter. I have taught quite a few boys to knit in my knitting club at school and they always surprise me how fast they pick it up. Some of my least able, most fidgety kids have proved marvels with a pair of knitting needles! You’ll have to keep us posted on his progress.

    Have a super time at Rhinebeck and give all the knitspot gals a hug from me.

  5. Looking forward to Rhinebeck. This year my daughter is going to be joining us-her first time. She recently relocated from California to Catskill, NY and she put this on her calendar the first week she was here. Saturday is her birthday so I see some fun yarn purchases happening. Loved getting my Club yarn today-looking forward to the next chapter. Have a great time and thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration.

  6. Jude is just too cute. Love a guy who can do handwork. You’ve started him on the right road, Anne.

    I hope you and everyone will have just the best time in RB this weekend an RAP next week. I”ll be thinking of everyone.

  7. Magenta and gray — yes! I was thinking the same combination myself lately, looking at a gorgeous magenta I have coincidentally in a plastic bag with a medium grey. I look forward to see what you come up with.

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