you know what day this is . . .

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how we missed our neighbor bret’s house of haunting last year, right?

but he wants everyone to know—he’s BACK.


there’s nothing quite like bret’s yard in october.


(except of course for december)


let’s take a little walk, shall we? and don’t hog the middle of the path, there . . .


you have to take your turn on the edge, too.


i know it’s grisly—but hey, i didn’t put it there!


i’m just an innocent onlooker, like you.


(cue in slasher theme from psycho)


you have to get past these two ladies to get onto the “safety” of the porch


only to find out then that it’s not at all as safe as it seems.


plan B: scoot down the front walk and outside the fence, where i’m back in full view of our own house


(i’m ignoring those feet rising up from the earth)


and this “work” bench—it looks eerily like a butcher’s block . . .




seriously, where does bret find all this stuff?? i mean, skull finials for the fencing?


no wonder this guy keeled over.


this gruesome crew is not making me feel comfortable at all; maybe i should head home . . .


where i can view the tableau from the safety of my study.


but wait, there’s more. we haven’t seen it at night yet.


it’s a completely different look under the influence of lighting.


so let’s take another turn around the bone yard




lok at them; they’re positively grinning with snide delight.


i inched around these two truly creepy critters



we’re almost there, i promise . . .


but WHERE, my pretties?? he he he.


back on MY side of the street, that’s where!


thank you bret and connie; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


23 thoughts on “you know what day this is . . .

  1. Yes, Happy Halloween!! Thank you SO much for sharing Bret’s wonderfully creepy decorations. Halloween is at the top of my favorite holidays list, and as great as the pictures are I bet the scene is awesome in person! In the neighborhood that we used to live in we had a neighbor that went all out like this each year. I never tired of walking past their yard at night. Such is the spirit 🙂

  2. I’m so glad Bret was up to doing his fantastic display again this year. Thank you for posting these great pictures, Anne.

    Happy Halloween to my KS family.

  3. Thanks for the update. I was just wondering last night if your neighbor was up and running this year. I am glad he is feeling well.

  4. Oh, how I’ve been waiting!
    My two favorite posts of the year – Rhinebeck and Halloween (love Brett’s Christmas decor too).
    Thanks Anne! Your narrative was eerily perfect. Happy Halloween!

  5. I can only imagine that Bret is the kindest and most fun person – what does he do about trick-or-treating itty-bitties who are afraid of the decorations?

  6. Fabulous display, that Bret – he doesn’t disappoint, does he? Please tell him how much we all enjoy and appreciate his work. Happy Hallowe’en to you all.

  7. OMG! I look forward to this post every year. Never a dull moment in Knitspot Street! This house should get a prize!’ always lovely to read you, Ann.

  8. I was reading yesterday’s post and thinking, “Darn, we won’t get to see if Bret is back to spook us.” Wrong. He is, and he has. Thanks for the spooky return to childhood, y’all.

  9. so glad Bret was up for decorating! i bet it’s extra spooky in person! thanks for sharing Bret and Connie

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