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This time of year, there is nothing like a warm fire to ward off the chill. But sometimes, it’s not always practical to set in front of the fire all day. You need portable things to keep you warm. Well, we’ve got you covered…


And in a fiery color…


Anne designed Chiminea, Pyro, and Firestorm as luxury accessories for the Fall in Full Color 2013 club. When planning the club, Anne said she wanted to get a fabulous orange that was just the right, rich hue that would brighten anyone’s wardrobe and be a spark of color in the dreary days of winter. She also wanted an intriguing luxurious blend.

Shalimar Yarns delivered exactly what Anne was looking for! Paulie is 60% merino blended with…hold onto your hats…20% camel, 10% silk, and 10% cashmere. Is that a phenomenal blend, or what!? And dyer Kristi created the perfect blend of spice, color, and sophistication with her exclusive hue and named it Orange is the New Black.


Paulie is such a treat to knit with and the color is impossible to work with without smiling and feeling a sense of warmth. I remember when I saw the yarn for the first time. I was smitten. Then Anne told me she wanted to do a whole series of accessories, even boot liners, so people have lots of choices on what this yarn should become. Or for the double dippers, they could knit multiple pieces with their two skeins. Knitters could even gift away some pieces at the holidays.

Along the way, Anne kept telling me “you’re going to love these Erica. And you’re going to love the photo shoot.” On September 17, 2013 when I opened the ebook chapter my mouth fell open. I LOVED what Anne created, I loved the photo shoot locations, and Sarah modeling was just perfect.


These pieces definitely are cheery, aren’t they? And they have just enough spice to bring out your sassy side.

Chiminea is a head hugging band in four sizes, that is a perfect last minute gift. It keeps your ears warm and doesn’t flatten out your hair too much like a hat does.


And for shorter hair, it’s super cute to have some tousled bits out the top.

Firestorm includes multiple sizes for dramatic arm warmers or leg warmers


or boot liners.


I love how versatile this design is! And the final accessory is Pyro,


a cowl in three sizes, that will add a dramatic bit of excitement to any neutral outfit in your wardrobe.


And the longer cowl can be doubled up for extra warmth!


We have a limited supply of this exclusive colorway of Paulie and we’ve kitted them up with a limited pattern bundle. You get all three patterns at a discounted price when you purchase 1, 2 or 3 skein kits! We brought this yarn to Rhinebeck After Party and it was quickly gobbled up. The color and fiber content of this yarn is intoxicating! Kits can be purchased for a limited time here.


For clubbies that already have the patterns in their ebooks, we have a limited bunch of Paulie skeins here. Speaking of the ebook, it is still available here and with the purchase of it you get all of these designs above plus 13 more fabulous knitting patterns, designer notes, beautiful photos and supplier bios! View them all on ravelry here.

And if you would like to knit the suite of patterns in our brand spankin’ new yarn – Better Breakfast Fingering – let me tempt you with photos of the pieces our dear friend Kari knit.


She knit them in the Porridge colorway


and don’t they look stunning on our new knitting instructor Laura?


She’s so excited to be part of the knitspot team! Along with knitting classes, she also offers fine finishing services! You can finally get that sweater seamed or button band finished! See the full menu of offerings here.

If you would like to knit these accessories in a natural, we have a super limited amount of Better Breakfast Fingering in Americano, the color of a rich full-bodied espresso.


The skeins are flying out the door, so if you are loving this brown as much as I am snag one now here.

I’ll be back on Tuesday to let you know who won the #KnitspotRhinebeck contest and give you a few highlights from the Knitspot long weekend of events. Until then, I will be knitting the weekend away on a Pyro cowl humming this.

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  1. It is amazing how the colour of a yarn influences you so much. I am NOT an orange person at all, so had dismissed all these patterns last year but have to say that I absolutely LOVE them in the neutrals! I need to be more open minded!! The new BB yarn looks yummy.

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