i get edgy after midnight

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ok, that’s a bad pun, but i have a good reason for offering cheap and lame punniness.

i’m not feeling testy about this or anything, but last night, i spent about mmm, three hours doing this “simple” picot hemmed edge on the shrug—and i hate it.
i left it til today, just in case it was a 3 a.m. kinda thing (and also so i could photograph it’s astounding ugliness), but guess what?
yup—i still hate it.

    let’s see, how many ways to i hate it?
    (this list may have even increased overnight)

  • it’s UGLY
  • it does NOT capture the spirit of the shrug AT ALL
  • it’s heavy, especially on the inside edge
  • it does not look the same on both sides (possibly this could be cured
    with a good blocking)
  • it’s tipping out (i’m quite sure this canNOT be cured by blocking)
  • it isn’t at ALL what i had in mind for edging
  • and MOST annoying:

  • i had no intention of doing this edge at all, but in a late-nite flash of inspiration, i thought the knitted-down picot hem was somehow better than the light, single-layer picot edge i had planned—AAARRRGGGGHHHH!
    (and why aren’t we made in such a way as to actually be able to kick ourselves??)

oh well, back to the drawing board! i just have to get this last detail fixed and i’m home-free!

2 thoughts on “i get edgy after midnight

  1. If you want I can kick you for you…. It would be my pleasure actually…. But I do love the picot look kinda but hate what you’ve done… But that’s okay I know you’ll fix it….

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