newsflash: world knitting cup!

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ok , this event is MADE for knitspot readers: the world knitting cup! a parallel event to the world soccer (or football) cup, with similar rules to the olympics!! woo-woo!

i heard about it on Cast-On: A Podcast for Knitters, and though the available information is sketchy as of this moment, i KNOW i want to have a knitspot team! cast on will be june 9th and we will bind off no later than july 9th. anybody got an idea for a team focus? we could all knit a certain project, or we could all do individual ones, or it could be lace; whatever you all want!

(do you get the idea now that, by nature, i am a proponent of the universal experience?)

leave comments and suggestions—and go knitspotters!

3 thoughts on “newsflash: world knitting cup!

  1. Sounds like fun! For certain, must use knitspot pattern/s! Should we all make the same with freedom for those who are more advanced to embellish? Should we all use a certain type of yarn…but different colors….what does everyone think?

  2. Hey, what about the cashmere thongs I have been wanting to knit?? What?? Oh don’t act like you never thought of it 🙂

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