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mine is growing, how’s yours coming along? my snow tire scarf proved a hit with my holiday knitting time—i was able to pull it out at every opportunity to knit a few rows; it’s such an easy, soothing pattern to fall right into. i’m getting very excited about the home stretch on this project—i can’t WAIT to soak it and watch the magic happen. after this one is done, i want to treat myself to one of our snow tire scarf kits kits in better breakfast DK (if there are any left . . .)

for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, this is the design for our 2014 red scarf scholarship drive. from now til january 1, all proceeds from sales of this pattern will be tossed into the scholarship pot and when it’s done, they will be sent off to the foster care for success organization to be awarded to next year’s recipient.

this year we once again sponsored our art history and curatorial student brandy; you can read more about her in the blog post she contributed to last year’s drive.

you can knit along with us on your own red (or any color) scarf while we watch the scholarship dollars pile up—we’re doing that over in our ravelry group and it’s just $7 to buy the pattern and get in on the action; c’mon, it’s a blast! and for a good cause!

as of last tuesday, our tally so far was just kissing $1,000. i’m sure by now it’s doubled (cuz you guys are AWESEOME), but i need to check in with emily and erica to see where we’re at this week. this might be a great thing to do on tuesdays, just before hump day.



I’ve managed to complete something like 22 repeats so far (but i’m sure barb is already done); now that i’m home again, i ned to lay it out and do some measuring to be sure that the repeats stated in the pattern will be the right length (so much easier to concentrate at home!).

to continue my list of alternative projects you could do with this pattern, you could add a few repeats and a garter stitch border to each, then fold up and sew along the sids for a scarf with pockets—great for skaters or commuters. you could add buttonholes on one end and then place buttons for  couple of cool crossover variations.

ooops, i’ve gotta run; i have to teach a class in a few minutes; be back tomorrow with more!

6 thoughts on “tracking progress

  1. I love all the variations you suggested, I think it would be great as a panel for a cushion too, or a wash cloth. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Or a throw! It really is the perfect knit for a typically stressful holiday season, and it’s utterly delicious in Better Breakfast too.

  3. Wow, Anne, you are making great progress with your scarf. And that’s a great start to the scholarship fund too!

  4. Wow look at you go…..FYI..mine isn’t as far as yours! I want to finish it so I can do one in breakfast blend…love the feel of breakfast blend against my skin! I should of put both of them on my needles and worked together.

  5. I haven’t started mine yet, but think it would be a great cowl in some yummy alpaca from my stash. It looks more and more beautiful as you progress on it. Wish I were coming to your class-whine haha!

  6. Your scarf is just gorgeous. I’ve done 16 repeats so far on my first scarf/cowl, and I have requests to make more scarves in different colors from family members who have seen the pattern. I enjoy checking in every day to see how you are progressing with your scarf. I only messed up once so far, but that’s because I was watching cooking shows on Netflix while I was knitting. Thanks for sharing.

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