a little night glo

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i’ve been spying on my neighbor bret for weeks, ever since i noticed that we were a good ten days into december and not much was happening over on his porch or lawn. a couple tinselly wreaths, a bit of red ribbon, and well, that was about it. he’s usually out there the very day after thanksgiving to start the holiday express—what was up with this??

of course, it was awfully cold and windy those weeks and none of us on the corner of harvard avenue are getting any younger.


but just as i thought all that, things started picking up momentum.


in just a few days we had more ribbons, baubles, and .  . . SANTA! now we were making progress.

the other night while we ate dinner (rather late as we do), connie followed bret in circles all around the japanese maple  with armfuls of lights and abby the dog at her heels, as he placed them higher and higher in the tree with a long pole. it was such a beautiful family moment to watch.


even last night bret was still putting the final touches on his display. david took photos a couple of nights ago actually, so not everything got into them, but this one shows the final daytime tableau.

but all discussion of how the house looks in daytime is kind of meaningless—the real impact comes after dark when he finally throws the switch on it all to light up the night.


i love how david captured this sweet angel, which is a fairly anomalous component among the hoards of snowmen, elves, and reindeer


cavorting about the lawn under an ocean of starry lights.


here, a snowman is sweeps his domicile inside a grove of pine trees


here, another little snow guy waves at passersby from amid a candy cane forest.


a baby reindeer and its mom graze on the outskirts of the scene


and what a scene it is!


naturally, the center of attraction is santa, sitting upon his throne at the north pole, surveying his kingdom.


being straight across the street, we get the full on view from any one of our front windows


and like i said; WHAT a view it is!
(is it just me or are these the most lights we’ve ever had?)


merry christmas eve everyone!
be sure to to stop back tomorrow for a holiday treat . . .

12 thoughts on “a little night glo

  1. Thank you, Anne, David, Brett and Connie! It’s always a treat to be able to enjoy these wonderful displays–even from a distance!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Marry Christmas, Anne, David and the Knitspot crew! Special thanks to Brett and Connie for the joyful display!

  3. I always look forward to the photos of Bret’s Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing. Many thanks to you and David and all your staff for the wonderful yarny goodness I’ve enjoyed this year. Looking forward to more in 2015!

  4. Merry Christmas to all at knitspot. Please thank Bret and Connie for their wonderful display. It’s almost Christmas Day here in the UK, we are off to Midnight Mass and then tomorrow morning Mr JK is running a 5K Santa park run!

  5. Merry Christmas Eve Anne, David, the whole Knitspot Crew and Bret and Connie. Thanks for sharing your holiday!

  6. Many thanks to the Knitspot Team and Bret and Connie for helping make our holidays bright. This is the time of year when an extra bit of light and cheer help us fight off the darkness and cold. Merry Christmas!

  7. Once again Bret doesn’t disappoint. Very festive. I know it’s a lot of work, but it wouldn’t be the holidays without it.

  8. You should nominate him for that show on TV that goes around the country looking at light displays. They show four in one night, and one of them wins $50,000! I think Brett should be rewarded for giving so much pleasure to everyone during the different holidays he decorates.

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