fat tire mittens

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looking back over the posts for the month of december, it’s been a month of joyful red—why stop now with one last pattern to squeeze into 2014?


here we have a little something to match the snow tire scarf, our 2014 red scarf scholarship fundraiser pattern.


which is also now finished and complete with final photos—if purchased previously, you can redownload the final version any time now from wherever you purchased it.

sheyanne and laura have created a little video demonstrating the many ways you can wear the snow tire infinity scarf.


and if you haven’t bought one yet, please consider doing so now—here or here—every dollar of the retail price will go into the scholarship fund, but only through midnight on december 31st!


emily has been tallying the numbers for the scholarship fund and says, “it looks like we have collected $2,665 total so far.” we have not quite met our goal yet, so sales from the mitten pattern and kits would help out a lot.


the fat tire mittens are textured in the same patterns as the scarf and knit up in a jif in worsted weight yarn (or any yarn that knits to the right gauge). we all just love them—so cozy and warm, perfect for the freezing weather that’s about to descend on us.


and for the next two days, we will add the proceeds from this pattern to the scholarship as well—we’ll wait while you scurry over to our online shop or our ravelry shop to get a copy.


here we show the mittens in size medium, on the right in our cream ghillie sport DK and at left in our red festivus worsted (now sold out for the year), sorry.



remember that gorgeous kent DK in mussel shell that i showed you yesterday? well, just after i posted, fourteen boxes of yarn arrived at knitspot headquarters, some of it in this very deep gray.

david and anastasia got it listed in our online shop right away so it would be available for this pattern release.


erica B has created a fat tire kit option with yarn and pattern—click here to purchase.

many of the snow tire scarf kit options include enough yarn for an additional pair of mittens as well.


i think these would make an excellent valentine for someone special, don’t you? maybe the mitts for someone you like and the whole set for someone you REALLY like, haha.


i’ll let you decide.


i hope you have a VERY happy, happy new year’s celebration. we’ll be cooking and ringing in the new year with friends; i am very much looking forward to it.


tomorrow i have a special post to bring you from our scholarship recipient brandy, who sent me a beautiful note and some additional photos from her life at school.

and i’ll be hoping that the morning of january 1st brings the good news that our scholarship goal will be met—please let’s move it forward with one last great push.


thank you all so much for another incredible year!


10 thoughts on “fat tire mittens

  1. Hi Anne!
    Quick question for you. Do you think the Cooper Sport would be a good substitute? I didn’t see it listed with the recommended yarns. Thanks a million!

  2. Thank you so much for releasing the mitten pattern. Snagged a copy on ravelry earlier this afternoon before I saw your blog update. I think I’ll try making the largest size in fingering weight.

  3. pattern ordered! i hope the scholarship goal is met! nia, ghat jent dk in mussel shell is gorgeous! if any is left tomorrow…

  4. So excited to have the pattern, and thanks so much for donating this one to the scholarship fund. I am going to gift it to a couple of friends. I hope hope hope you meet your goal!

  5. I don’t know what I look forward to more, Anne, your new patterns or the names you give them! I hope your new year is filled with blessings and joy for all at Knitspot.

  6. Sorry to be a dolt, but i’m not clear on how to re-download. I got my snow tire pattern in the Knitshop on e blog.

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