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an excellent close to 2014 everyone—THANK YOU! while our office staff is off for a very much deserved holiday, i went through the numbers to gather a very rough idea of our fundraising results to report today.

and it looks like we did very wellif i’m not mistaken, we should end up with the share from sales totaling somewhere near $3500—about $100 more than last year. and if that’s the case,

ETA: update from emily today . .  . the final total intake is $3656!
over 200.00 more than last year. YOU GUYS ROCK!

david and i will kick in on the behalf of Knitspot, LLC to bring that goal up to $4000, for a great finish. final numbers should be in our hands tomorrow and i will report on that over the weekend; who knows, maybe it’s even a little higher.

thank you each so very much for helping us realize a great completing to this project once again—you rock.

meanwhile, our scholarship recipient brandy, wrote me again this week after she’s had a little time away form classes and exams to put together a series of photos and notes about her fall semester at school. so i’m just going to let her take over form here.

Dear Anne and Knitspot,
Sorry this has taken me so long to send, I tried earlier this week to send it and it wouldn’t, and I hadn’t saved a copy so it got lost. I wanted to include some holiday photos as well.

I finished the quarter well with an A, A- and a B. I am looking forward to next quarter as well, I am taking two art history classes and a studio art class and still interning at the gallery.

Visiting family has been great, but stressful. I am staying with my grandma and visiting a lot with my sister and her kids. There is always so much going on when everyone is around. It has been a nice rest from all the school stressors though. Attached are photos of what I have been up to since last year, I hope I have the right descriptions with the correct photos.


1. This is from last February when it snowed in Bellingham.


2. These are the seagulls that were attacking us when I went to the beach with my sister and her kids over the summer.


3. I watched the sun set over the water on that trip it was so beautiful.


4. These are my sisters children whom I love so very much.


5. This is me when I finished hiking to the top of the oyster dome, it was the kicking off point of my weight loss routine. It took five hours for my roommate and I to do. We plan to do it again to see if we can do it faster.


6. The view from the top of the oyster dome.


7. This little guy was very friendly he came right up to the hikers at the top of the oyster dome.


8. This is Casa Batllo by Antonio Gaudi, I spent all this last quarter reading books, articles, and watching documentaries so that I could write a 24 page paper about this building. I’m glad to say that I received an A on the paper!


9. This is a fall specialty of the cafes on campus, its called a Cup of Love, and its an eggnog chai latte, it is so warm and creamy.

10-11. These are some of my expirements with different veggies, the mix of roasted ones are zucchini, crrok neck squash, asparagus, potato, onion, minced garlic, and red pepper flakes roasted in olive oil. The other is bacon, garlic, kale, with eggs and toast.


12. This is from the day it snowed when I was visiting my family over thanksgiving.


13. I made this cake for my neice on her third birthday, it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but she loved it.


14. This is a recent photo of me.

15-17. These are my Christmas decorations I hung in my apartment, I made the little tree from stuff I found at the dollar store since we couldn’t have a real one.


18. This is the tree at my grandparents place, they let me decorate it.


I hope you all had a nice holiday and have a great 2015!



14 thoughts on “ring it in

  1. What a great way to start the new year! Thanks for the wonderful update from Brandy–sounds like she is a wonderful student (and hiker!) Happy New Year to all the Knitspot gang!

  2. I always love getting updates from Brandy. Any 3-year old girl would be thrilled with a pink butterfly cake for their birthday. What a sweet aunt!

  3. What a wonderful wrap-up to 2014 and start to the new year! Brandy’s photos are great, it’s good to see her doing so well. Happy New Year to all!

  4. Yay! I’m glad it looks like we made our goal. Always great to hear from Brandy and I loved seeing her year in photos.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Brandy is a wonderful young woman! I am so happy Knitspot and knitters support young people like her.

  6. So glad to hear the fundraising picked up toward the end! I just got my Stone Soup DK kit today now that my red scarf is completed. And it sounds like things are going prettywellwith our scholarship girl too! Thanks so much for sharing her updates!

    Happy New Year to all of you at Knitspot!

  7. Thank you, Anne, for a year of inspiration and information…not to mention the beauty of your knits, the garden in summer, the cooking you showed, and the pictures of places you visited.

    It was fun to hear from Brandy and nice to know of the school accomplishments of the past year.

    Have a wonderful 2015! I look forward to seeing lots of you in this new year.

  8. Great news on the scholarship! And congratulations to Brandy! You did great in your classes! And I loved the photo year in review – so fun! And that pink butterfly cake is adorable – I bet your niece loved it. Glad you got some good family time in over the holidays too.

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