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here i am traveling again and not home to blog, but i’m part of a blog tour over at the knit nation blog—please click here to take a peek!

Knit Nation is a knitting and spinning expo that will take place in London, England July 29 – 31. There will be yarn, classes, fiber, and festivities including a Ravelry talk and party. Centrally located at the Royal College next door to the renowned Victoria and Albert Museum, you can absorb the sites of London between classes, yarn shopping, and searching for the perfect skein of Wollmeise. Please come join us!

the blog tour is a rolling event that features one of my esteemed teaching colleagues every couple of days; if you are curious about who’s who among the teaching staff, or want to know more about teacher you are considering taking a class from, this is a great way to find out.

the next teacher to be spotlighted will be my good friend clara parkes, on tuesday, april 27th—don’t miss it!

12 thoughts on “join the knit nation

  1. Yaih! I’ve already booked all my classes, bought a plane ticket from Copenhagen to London and everything. I’m so very, very excited about knit nation and taking a class with you as my teacher 🙂
    Knit Nation will be the first time I’m on my own since before I had my first kid almost 4 years, so I’ll definitely be enjoying every minute of learning, knitting, shopping and solitude. Not to mention hanging out with so many other knitters AND partying Ravelry style 😀

  2. You will love the V & A! Not only are there costume collections but there ares study collections of lace, embroideries and other decorative texile techniques, inclduing knitting. There is a wonderful jewelry collection, metals department and sculpture. Julia Margaret Cameron’s photographs. The medieval tapestry room. I am leaving so much out!
    My very favorite museum in the whole world.

  3. yay – i was so pleased to see that you were coming! i’ve got a stall in the marketplace so hopefully you’ll have some time to go shopping in between your classes – it would be lovely to meet you in “real life” at last 🙂

  4. ooh, the V&A! it’s my favourite. The embroidery section is fantastic – I spent 2 hours in there in one visit!

    I’m really looking forward to Knit Nation, and taking my first ever (!!!) classes. Can’t wait.


  5. That was a lovely article about you! It made me laugh to think of you and David as con artists! I wish I could go to Knit Nation–it sounds like a fantastic adventure…

  6. Great blog spot on you…tops on my list after you to take a class would definitely be Judith as well. Have fun at Spring Fling with Sheri!

  7. I’m trying to see if I can swing my leave at that time and make it to London to take the advanced lace class. I’d love to!

  8. Oh wow! I have wanted to go to the V&A since I was a kid…one day! I am really looking forward to your travelogue – they are truly the best. I have some green lace yarn on its way from NZ…methinks a “Green with Envy Alhambra” might just be cast on in the near future.

  9. I just discovered your blog… I love your work, I love your home, I love your attitude. A true inspiration to this beginning knitter. I’ll check in again soon. Thanks!

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