black, white, and re(a)d all over

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happy valentine’s day!


it is snowing to beat the band here; i hope our kids valentine’s day event isn’t snowed out. we will be here no matter what since it’s just next door, but i hope we have some visitors show up, too—we have cupcakes, if that makes a difference . . . and beckie will be here with her spinning wheel.


bret’s house is festooned with valentines that announce to the world how much we and our neighbors love each other. at night it’s lit up with sparkling lights all over and trails of twinkling lights across the yard—i’ll have to add a photo later on, since i forgot to get one last night (and i was staring right at it for hours, too, from my perch at my desk).


i was hoping bret might stop in to our event today—he’s really a big kid at heart after all—but it looks like the storm may have got the better of him . . .


if you end up stuck at home due to the snow and cold (i hear it’s going to get REALLY cold tonight!), david has put together a sweet deal for today only on our 2015 BNK blanket statement club—a little discount from us to you.


haha, in fact, batches of these boxes are stacked all over the house, since we had to clear out the shop for today’s social event. i understand david is even storing as many as can fit in the car overnight (locked safely in the garage). he’s carting those to the post office throughout this morning. no worries if you’re just signing up today; packages will begin going out again on monday.


i’ve got my first blanket eBook chapter all written up and am putting all the pieces together into the layout over this weekend. in fact, most of the eBook is set to go; anne marie and i have been working hard for several months on spiffing up the pattern to be as flexible and fun to knit as possible. sheyanne, david, and our whole staff have been photographing and editing materials to make each chapter a beautiful work of art. our whole staff and friends have needles needles poised to start—let the blankets begin.


now, how about some knitting for this snowy valentine’s afternoon? what are you working on this weekend?


i’ve got a sweater underway and i started my reversible crescent shawl, plus i’m swatching again—i just can’t seem to stop, hehe. what can i say, there’s no rest for the wicked . . .


15 thoughts on “black, white, and re(a)d all over

  1. Snowing here too, although gently here. One of those boxes is for me me me! I’m still working on a large Roger That, but also started a sweater from a babycocktails pattern. Keep warm! I’ve started the woodstove (again)

  2. Crikey, I cannot believe all that snow! All those boxes remind me of our house when we were waiting to move. That pale pink poinsettia is so pretty, I have only ever seen red ones at Christmas.

  3. Love the boots buried in the snow! Fun to see Bret & Connie’s house all decked out for Valentine. Hoping you have a great turnout w/the kids!💞

  4. I’m into the second sleeve on a Bel Air sweater, and plan to start Pea Trellis today. Happy Valentine’s Day, Anne and David!

  5. Love Brett’s house decorations! We don’t have snow, but it is very cold today. I’m hunkered down inside. And going to knit. My needles are poised for the blanket cast on. I cannot wait!!!

    But I guess I will have too : (

  6. Love your post today :0) ! No snow here in Northern Colorado, but there is some on its way starting tomorrow. I am working on a Pumpkin Ale sweater for myself. I have been busy making shawls for special friends and it was time to pick up my personal projects to finish. Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

  7. I am sitting on my deck, reading and watching the deer. A balmy 73 here in the foothills of CA. What we wouldn’t give for some of that snow! Our local slope has had to close already!

  8. Please stay safe and warm. We are hoping that spring comes soon for you. We will see you in New Mexico in a few months…

  9. Ooh, I have some of that gorgeous Tayet squirreled away for a second Ivar as soon as i block and seam my Caissa

  10. More snow here too, kind of exhausting! And wow that pile of swatches! I want to know what’s happening with that red yarn…

  11. Snow forecasted for north Alabama early tomorrow morning. The grocery stores are full of crazy people stocking up on milk and bread because they may be stuck at home for all of one day. Finishing a pair of plain vanilla socks in a self striping gradient yarn: blue and purple stripes slowly change to purple and pink stripes.

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