raise a frothy glass

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thea colman has outdone herself with her new release, ommegang—just look at this gorgeous asymmetrical tunic design. and she chose to knit it in our very own stone soup DK yarn.


in her pattern description, thea mentions that the marble shade really spoke to her and it’s true—that shade has a really interesting sparkle to it.


but then barb and i got on ravelry last night to check out the test knitter’s projects and wow, there are some stunning examples in other shades too! glennae and sariMor chose the slate shade, while blueberryhill went with marble and made some mods to the pattern. carie knit hers from kent DK in white sand and it’s spectacular, too.

what beautiful design and stitch work everyone has done with this project; thank you everyone!

we borrowed thea’s prototype when she brought it to rhinebeck and david took some photos of it on sarah back in the fall


i love it with that little slouch potato cap, also knit in stone soup DK in the slate shade.


thank you thea, for designing an incredible sweater in our yarn! read more about thea at her blog, baby cocktails, or peruse her designs on ravelry. over the weekend, laura will be turning her designer spotlight on thea so we can learn more about her and her design work.

i have more to add but i have to run to a meeting, so i’m going to have to come back later to add that, haha. busy busy . . .


and cold (that’s the inside temperature on my kitchen windowsill). we all NEED a nice warm cozy sweater.

well, at least we got the furnace fixed with not too much trouble; it was a chilly few days earlier this week.

ok really, i gotta run, sorry; be back later!





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  1. Your yarns and the amazing cables on this sweater go together like coffee and cream, Valentines and chocolate! (I’ll quit while I’m ahead.). Beautiful sweater and beautiful photos.

  2. I saw the pattern on Rav yesterday and it went straight into my shopping cart. Or was it this morning? whatever. Such a gorgeous pattern! And my large blanket yarns arrived today! So I can fondle the skeins and imagine both the blanket and the sweater – such heaven!

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