henley with a twist

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those knitters who’ve seen me during my travels this month will attest that i’ve been virtually living in this sweater. the lighter seasonal fabric has a cotton-y stretchy hand for the ultimate in next-to-the-skin comfort with a neat, tailored appearance. the pretty lace-and-cable stitch pattern manages to be feminine and sporty all at once, showing just a peek of whatever you want to wear (or not!) underneath. a real cross-climate winner, this one.

with the requisite row of tiny close-set buttons created by jennie the potter, this shirt is the essence of a traditional henley with a modern artisan look.

shown above: size extra-small with one inch of negative ease, in knitting notions classic merino superwash sport, colorway dusk, a gorgeous blue/violet that changes with the light.

shown below, size medium, knit and modeled by my dear friend jocelyn as her 2010 olympic gold project in briar rose grandma’s blessing

jocelyn wanted a bit more ease in her version and modified the lengths throughout the pattern to fit her petite frame. it looks great in the fall colorway she chose, a gray/brown/gold blend, shot with slate blue. i think she like it pretty well . . .

and justly so—look at the amazing fit she achieved here. stunning, right??
i’m so lucky to be able to work with a wonderful test knitter like jocelyn; she knit the whole thing in eighteen days for the olympics.

go her.
mine took slightly longer, but i love it just as much . . .

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many kudos to catherine at knitting notions for her generous yarn support—she’s got a real winner is this lovely all-season merino sport yarn. it’s comfy, soft, and very practical for active spring and fall travel and activities. catherine has a wide selection of other wonderful yarns and knitting accessories in her online shop, all of them as lovely as this one—go check it out. or look for her throughout the summer at one of the wool shows on her busy calendar; she’s probably planning to visit one near you soon.

dear david, i don’t know how you always manage to make me look so much better than i actually do, but i really, really appreciate it—thank you!

55 thoughts on “henley with a twist

  1. Love this! Headed directly to my queue, and I’ll be shopping for yarn when I see Briar Rose in a couple of weeks at Shepherd’s Harvest!

  2. This must be the sweater Rosemary told me about (she was at sock camp). She was right, it’s awesome! I will have to scope out yarn for it at Sheep and Wool this weekend!

  3. Really lovely photos. It’s because he’s taking them with love!

    That dusky purple color is great – I will have to use that soon. I don’t think that pattern would look nearly as good on me as it does on you. My daughter is very twig-gy – maybe I’ll make it for her!

  4. Another lovely sweater design! Thank you!
    And I do not believe David make you look better than you do (though of course I have not met you in real life, heheh). What I do believe, and have thought before, is that the photos show the eye of a man with artistic temperament and visual acuity, and a deep and abiding love for the woman he sees through that lens.

  5. The yarn color you chose, Anne, is simply beautiful on you. As far as David’s eye, you know what they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and David’s love for you definitely shows through in his photos. Can’t wait to order this one and get started!

  6. You are just as stunning in real life as you are in David’s photos – plus there’s the added charm of your conversation!

    I adore that sweater pattern – I’m almost ready to jump into knitting a sweater for myself, not just for babies.

  7. WOW! Both you and Jocelyn look great and have done a great job. And, David, too takes a beautiful model and makes her look wonderful to us all.

    Thanks, Anne, as always, for another great pattern.

  8. Thank you for trusting me with your patterns!! I adore this sweater — I swear I haven’t taken it off since I finished it. I think I may need another one in that gorgeous purple (I’ve been craving purple). I may have to go see what she has in stock… 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh! That sweater looks amazing on you! The color is SO right for you!

    Please share: how on earth do you keep your girlish figure?! David has a GREAT subject to work with!!

  10. When I went to the Greencastle Fiber Event, I bought a bundle of Catherine’s yarn, telling her “This is all Anne Hanson’s fault.”

    In a good way, of course. 😉

  11. FAB-U-LOUS!!! Chic and comfy–what more could you ask for? The color choices are so complimentary to your colorings.
    Pictures are always best when you’re fond of the subject 🙂

  12. Hubba, Hubba. And don’t tell Rex I said so. But you look way hot in that sweater! And of course I LOVE the purple. And Jocelyn looks fabulous too. And Tilly.

  13. That is simply stunning. What a breathtakingly gorgeous sweater. I’m not normally tempted by sweaters, but that one makes me think twice. I absolutely love that sweater.

  14. SO glad it’s released! This is a beautiful sweater. Now I have to decide between Sprossling and this one. Oh heavens. Decisions, decisions…

  15. This is my sweater … I knew it the minute I saw it! On my way to download and buy yarn immediately. And that color purple is PERFECT on you.

  16. That is so lovely, you are such a wicked temptress. I have just purchased the pattern and enough Classic Merino Sport in Maple to make this for myself. As if I needed to add another to my list but I do enjoy kniiting in fine yarn.

  17. That is a beautiful sweater! I have made Ondule and the pattern was so great to work with, I think I may have to make this one too! Now if only it would look so good on me as it looks on you!

  18. I just can’t keep up with you! Yet another amazing design that beckons to me…..
    sigh…. after seeing how great this looks on you AND jocelyn…. I must add it to the growing list of your projects that I queue!!! This is really lovely and a knit I could live in!

  19. wow. Anne that is the most gorgeous sweater! I love it!!! (and you make such a great model) Thank you for another amazing pattern.

  20. Love both versions of the sweater (and Jocelyn’s dog!). What I’m trying to figure out is how you got David to make the entire lower half of your body disappear on those last three photos. 😉

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