stalk-n-knit: free yarn for the fearless

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just a quick note to remind everyone about the contest, which ends MONDAY! now we have some entries so the competition is ON! click on the blog contest link to the right to find out more! here are the rules once again:

  • contestants must visit Fearless Fibers browse the selection, and choose specific products by name that could be used in their design (knitspot takes no responsibility for random acts of stash enhancement . . .)
  • entries should be no longer than 10 lines, but may include up to 2 links in order to illustrate an idea (please DO illustrate any obscure information that is important to your story, so we can get a good idea of what you are imagining)
  • contestants may enter more than once, but may win only one prize
  • entries must be posted by midnight, monday June 5, 2006
    to enter:

  • email your short essay to, using the email link in the sidebar (be sure to replace “at” and “dot” with the proper characters)
  • OR
  • post your short essay in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

win free yarn from fearless fibers—what have you got to lose?

and ps: deb is now stocking undyed yarn in half-pound skeins in her Ebay shop so that we all can experiment. and not just the plain stuff you can get anywhere, but the ones with beautiful textures too!

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