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here we are in san diego and finally, i was able to upload some photos and write a post. beckie and i arrived on a late flight from home monday night (early tuesday morning for us!), during which we chatted and knit the whole way.

i worked on my second port ludlow sock and beckie worked on her longjohn sock

i managed to finish off my sock before we switched planes for our connection to san diego; it went much faster than i expected. now they are all set for a photo shoot tomorrow at the tidepools.

i even had a few yards to spare afterward . . . beckie called this one; i was all set to rip back a little to make sure i had enough and she said: “go for it”.

anyway . . . we fell into bed exhausted when we arrived, but flying at night put us in good shape to enjoy a full first day at kim’s, instead of spending half of the morning on the plane. we woke up happy and well-rested to the sound of peacocks calling from the next hilltop.

we just love being at kim’s house—there are so many little kim things here that make me laugh; she loves to add all those personal touches.

after some good coffee, a walk, and a little breakfast knitting, we set out for lunch at saffron, our very favorite place to eat

kim was looking extra sharp in her newly-completed sprössling sweater, knit up in briar rose grandma’s blessing

which she pretty much hasn’t taken off since we got here (YAY!). doesn’t it look great on her? and what a beautiful color; the yarn looks like the ocean—beautiful blue-green and brown.

we walked around a bit afterward and poked around in some shops before it was time for kims harp lesson. kim found a potato masher that reminded her of david

(sorry david; i have to admit, i see her point . . .)
we found a few giftie things to take home with us; then kim went off to her lesson and we hung out to knit and drink more coffee

i worked on my campanula scarf and got a couple of repeats done while we chatted. i dunno why this scarf is going slowly—it must be the fine yarn, because i love working on it and have been taking it everywhere. i’m seriously trying to get it done before i go home, so i can block it and get the pattern published. i’m getting there; it’s coming . . .

or maybe i’m dawdling because the yarn is so pretty and nice to work with—this is a lovely cashmere laceweight from craig at great northern yarns. it’s beautifully engineered, has great stitch definition and of course, the softness you’d expect from cashmere. only better—the long staple fiber is very resistant to pilling. it’s simply lovely.

last night we went to cole’s last high school volleyball game (which his team won)

he’s heading for college (with an academic scholarship) in the fall. he’ll play volleyball there too; he was heavily scouted this year. we’re all so proud of him.

this morning after another great walk, we headed for coronado island once again. we wanted to visit the beach to photograph one of the newly-finished sock designs

more on those later, because actually, that was a cover for another sprössling photo shoot, this time on someone besides me

don’t get me wrong, we got lots of nice sock photos, but i couldn’t help taking a bunch of glamor shots of kim, too

we even got some nice photos at our lunch destination today—the diner next to mootime creamery

where the staff generously offered for us to take photos wherever we wanted and even invited beckie to sit on the counter for some great sock shots.

another yummy lunch and dessert, this time featuring mahi-mahi and ice cream (we’re on vacation, after all!). we had the nicest waitress ever—what a sweetheart.

after which, we headed back to the ranch to make some dinner for the boys i took a pile more photos of kade’s garden and menagerie, which i’ll have to share next time; i’m ready for some evening knitting now.
i’m working on the baby sweater and have two little sleeves done. the body is underway, and i’m hoping to knit to the underarm before bed.

the yarn is the same one i used for the cradle me blanket—knitting notions classic merino sport—this time in colorway pear, a springy, bright green that i love.

tomorrow we’ll visit the tide pools at la jolla, do a little photo shoot, and meet jocelyn for lunch and knitting; we’re really looking forward to it. i have a ton more photos to share and a new sock as well—we just LOVE san diego . . .

17 thoughts on “sunny, southern cali

  1. Kim looks just beautiful in that sweater and you all look beautiful in sunny San Diego! It looks like a great time and boy do I wish I were there….

  2. I love!!! Kim’s sprossling! I just may have to order some Grandmother’s Blessing for my next one. Gorgeous colours, and such a great pattern.

    And the Port ludlow sock looks like a great cozy winter sock, another great design for my ‘to knit’ list!

    Enjoy your vacation.

    PS the ‘David’ masher was so cute!

  3. Thank you for all the photos of San Diego. My eyes drank them in. We’re hoping to go as soon as school lets out. Kim’s sweater is perfect – really, really perfect! Enjoy La Jolla. Torrey Pines State Park has some lovely hiking trails that overlook the ocean.

  4. Lovely pictures, all. I’ll have to show Romeo – he lived in San Diego for a few years and would move back in a heartbeat. Whenever I complain about the Ohio weather, his reply is always, “Well you know…if we lived in San Diego, you wouldn’t have to worry about the heat/cold/rain/snow/whatever”. LOL!!

    Love the David masher and the Sprossling. And the socks…everything, really. 🙂

  5. I’m living vicariously through your vacation – it’s raining and cold here in Chicago! And as always your narration provides such effective knitting inspiration!

    Best wishes for a wonderful trip.

  6. It looks so nice there–we’re suffering lots of rain and flooding here in Chicago. Fortunately our newish sump pump is working like a champ (and has a back up on call just in case the power goes out)

    Kim’s sweater is lovely–I have some beautiful blue/green Grandma’s Blessing for it, unless your henley wins out.

    That potato masher cracked me up…

  7. Kim’s Sprossling is great! You are right that pattern is so flattering on everyone. I’m encouraged to give it a try. And the pear yarn is totally yummy. What a perfect choice for a baby sweater.

    I have my pink cashmere from great northern yarns all wound in a cake and ready to go – when you are!

    Have a fabulous time in CA – it looks wonderful. Glad to see you are keeping the food a top priority – haha!

  8. the weather’s been just gorgeous the past few days; i’m glad you’re getting to experience it! and i’m excited about that baby sweater; do you think it will take less yarn than the carriage-sized blanket does? i do love that pattern, but i also just picked up a gorgeous skein of bugga! from sanguine gryphon in a very baby-appropriate pale green/blue, and there’s not enough for a whole blanket.

  9. Where is Cole going to school? My son plays vball on a club team (no boys vball in norther VA high schools) that is going to Nationals again this July. Gotta love vball tournaments for the knitting time! That reminds me – better see what yarn stores I can go visit in Austin TX…..

  10. Lovely! I am looking forward to the Longjohn socks. I will be making a pair from Malbrigo silky merino in Matisse for my husband. I will likely switch to stockinette for the foot, as he has tender soles.

  11. GREAT pictures!! Kim looks fabulous in her Sprossling and I see still favoring her desserts. ;-)….and yes, potato masher…SO David..LOL

    Have fun!

  12. Kim’s sweater is beautiful…and she looks so comfy in it! Love the “David” potato masher! Did you get one for him? LOL And your pink (!!) scarf is so beautiful! I would give my eye teeth to make one for myself. Alas! I have another grandchild on the way so baby blankets and sweaters will be on my needles until the end of August. By that time one should be beginning winter knitting so I will just have to wait until next spring to make that lovely scarf. And I’ll have to remind myself that good things are always worth the wait!

  13. Anne – love the new sock pattern and all the cool pics you took!

    Where did you get that adorable project bag that you show (the brown and pick one)?

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