the big bang

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what a week—and hello? where the heck did it go??
last time i looked, it was wednesday night and i was yukking it up with my class! then, shebang! next thing i know, everyone at the office is taking off for drinks ’cause it’s that time again! and just look at my desk

i’m waiting for edits to come in and writing patterns. email and IM are going a mile-a-minute. it’s 5:30—can i eat lunch now?? please??
really, it’s just a typical day. it used to be quiet around here, but somehow a tornado-effect has gathered over my desk through the wonders of modern technology!
and also, we are busier at work than ever.

i just can’t figure out why that means i have to mess up my desk so much; i don’t even know i’m doing it, but i’m sure it contributes to the chaotic feeling i have in my stomach half the time (that is, when when that big honking knot isn’t there . . .). thank heavens i have knitting and spinning.

i’m working on this little dress pattern, and i’m almost done, but i got to the lil’, itty bitty shoulders and they are kickin’ my butt.

i know i fudged the pattern a bit to make the openwork do what i wanted, and it was an easy thing, i can see it in my mind’s eye—but do you think i can write it? nnoooo
i know i can make it work in writing, but i just ran out of gas! all the numbers and patterns i’ve kept straight in my head ALL day long, suddenly swam together before my eyes and are laughing and jumping around. i hate that! i had to take a break from it.

what i need is . . . what i need is that bead i bought last weekend!

ahhh, that’s much better! doesn’t it bring you back to your center, just to look at it? don’t you wish you could hold it? and look how cool—i can see right through the hole in the middle and focus on just one thing.
it’s a really good bead—i’m telling you!

now i feel better just talking about something so simple. so i started my skirt the other night!

i took it to class and got some work done, and then last night i got past the yoke and into the color changes and openwork

it’s hard to tell. i think that black line might be a bit heavier than i intended—a charcoal gray would probably work better if i had it, but i don’t. i might rip it back and make the black a single row (right now it’s two). it’s hard to tell, because there really isn’t enough of it done to know if that will be proportionate or not, but i think i will go with my gut here. i definitely want it to look vintage as opposed to cartoonish.
anyway, the idea is that from here down, the fabric will get more and more open, and be mostly ecru with some green striping and a very narrow line of black once in a while to accentuate the zig-zagging. tonight i’ll get a bunch more done. i’m already dying to try it on, but i won’t be able to tell much about it yet, so i’m waiting. i think it needs to have some weight on it, to pull the zig-zag pattern into place.

i am knitting with SO much green right now! it’s like a weird star crossing—listen to me, like i had nothing to do with it at all! these are all my projects which are in immediate progress mode

(meaning, i work on each one every couple of days at least, and some days i work on each of them for a little while). of course, the hollySox which, are on my desk, and the briar rose socks, which are somewhere around here, would balance the picture a bit if i would just go get them.

i think i need to pull myself together with some spinning tonight. i need some quiet rhythmic activity to calm and soothe myself. carry, the creator of KnitWit: Rantings of a Rabid Knitter, sent me some samples of fleece from the now-famous Dot and Dash, her sheep. i can’t wait to try them out!

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  1. oh my gravy, That skirt is going to be sooo cute!! See everyone, I told you Anne designs the ABSOLUTE best patterns!! *putting my pom-poms and cheering signs away now*

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