it’s a slo-o-ow day

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this series of “franklin” photos is worth a thousand words for how i feel today

though today is MUCH better than yesterday

beckie and i agreed that the first day back was like being under water . . .

spinning class was a bit of a blur, though i know we laughed plenty

a ride to the nursery to buy garden plants helped

we found most of what we needed (though they were pretty low on plants)

i kept catching myself gazing intently at nothing

and it was a huge stretch to get motivated even for that.

afterward, all i could manage was a long nap.

you’d think a little dinner would perk me up, but i hardly tasted it

and i wasn’t much of a conversationalist either

david had to do all the chatting (you can imagine how well that worked out)

i do feel a little more alive today; enough to get through email, take pictures, and talk about knitting at least. thank you for all the nice compliments about my new shoes—i wasn’t expecting such a reaction.

while not a fan of maryjanes and never able to wear these rubbery outdoor shoes comfortably (most run way too wide), i found a pair i liked while shopping in la jolla last week. they are ahnu brand and i don’t know that name of the store we were in, sorry.

the most important thing is—they are green.

today i assembled all my knitting projects for photos and realized that despite all the running around we did, i made a LOT of progress on them while i was in san diego. it’s a great feeling to end a vacation with.

let’s start with the baby sweater . . .
i have two sleeves finished and started the body. i had it further along actually, but ripped it back last night to make the garter panels at the side seams a little narrower; i didn’t like them as much before (and it’s not that much to go back and fix).

the knitting notions classic merino sport is knitting up as beautifully in this project as it did for the blanket and i just love this pear colorway.

it’s not the greatest day for taking photos (rainy and dark), but it’s a lively spring green with dashes of blueish green and yellow green in it; a nice, complex semi-solid that is soft as butter.

i need to start thinking about buttons for the front . . . not sure what i want. we visited as cute as a button in point loma last week, but didn’t see anything there that seemed right.

we did, however, get completely sidetracked in the vintage-and-discontinued button section, where we found boxes of items that are not on the website; you have to visit the studio to see them (by appt; please call ahead). obviously, i’m a sucker for natural buttons in horn, antler, and shell—i’m always in need of smaller sizes, too, so these were perfect.

but i still need something for the little sweater . . .

here’s a sock project i’ve been keeping to myself for a while and i don’t really know why—roger socks in lorna’s laces yarn; a new colorway called catalpa, designed by amanda. i fell in love the instant i saw it—i find yellow/gray mixes extremely attractive (and when they also have a little green added, well . . .). when beth asked if she could send a skein of something, i didn’t even hesitate to pick this color.

i love lorna’s laces sock yarns; they wear like iron. david has a couple of pairs that are old, but still look new and are without any thin spots. that’s saying something, let me tell you. so i thought it was time i had my own pair. i don’t have any rogers, so i decided to cast on for those. that was in january, heh. i took them along on my trip and finished the first one, then cast on right away for the second one. love them; they are wonderful traveling companions. i’ll probably finish them up on my next trip.

i made some project on the longjohn socks in shalimar zoe, too—this one is going a little more slowly, maybe because it’s bigger and the fabric is more tightly knit. i think i’m over the hump on it now—i was able to get to the heel and that is usually the turning point for me (no pun intended), where my speed picks up in anticipation of reaching the end. the cayenne colorway gets more attractive as the sock gets bigger, too—at least all the flight attendants think so . . .

it was fun that all three of us were knitting longjohns last week. ok, maybe it’s dorky to take such pleasure in that, but i do; it makes me smile to myself every time i think about the three of us knitting the same socks together.

sue me.

see that?? it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. my cherry blossom cashmere lace yarn is getting low—that means my camapnula scarf must be getting close to done.

i’ve finished almost 25 repeats, which was the number i estimated i’d need to make a 32-inch length, unblocked. it looks like i’ll be on target to get that length, but i might go a little longer. the scarf will grow about 30 percent in blocking, and i like these little ones to be around 42-45 inches. but i may add a couple repeats to make sure i end up closer to 45 inches.

at any rate, i’m almost there. the pattern is written and proofed and waiting for a finished photo. once we have that, it will be all set for release. i’m hoping to finish today in class and maybe block it tomorrow.

craig has received his shipment of lace cashmere in the heathered colorways he’s been talking about and they are just lovely. my favorite is that root beer colorway on the left—a natural brown/gray mix. also pictured are magenta, blue iris, and charcoal (in the sport/DK weight).

later in the summer, i’d like to use the brown mix to design a new shawl—i don’t think i’ve done a pattern with a natural colorway yet (and i love them so!)

speaking of yarn, i actually received several new samples just before i went away and prepared a little yarn parade for today.

from chris at briar rose fibers, a stunning new merino/silk blend, with a twist that promises nice stitch definition and high gleam. this unusual copper-and-deep forest colorway is really intriguing, too. you will find this yarn in her booth at regional wool shows; it won’t be on her site yet (but with the right encouragement, it might eventually, hehe).

and then there is her new polwarth spinning fiber, which IS available on her site. something to spin on my new wheel, once i finish the cream romney i’m spinning on my schacht wheel.

one last beautiful yarn i have to show you is a handspun alpaca from bolivia, imported and sold by hope fibers in four natural shades and two yarn weights (worsted and bulky). traci is experimenting with bringing in some naturally-dyed colorways as well—you can see more and order a color card from her etsy shop.

well, i have a class coming in just a few hours and i think before they get here, i should engage in some strenuous exercise to get my blood circulating (i don’t think more knitting or another nap is what i need right now, haha; i might get stuck).

26 thoughts on “it’s a slo-o-ow day

  1. The turtle is just super! Wow, look at the design and colors!
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!
    Glad you made it home okay 🙂

  2. While Amanda may have named the colorway Catalpa, I know for sure it was me who designed it. How could I forget the half dozen different combinations I tried, all of which I took home to swatch to make sure we found one that was *just* right. I’m glad you like it as much as I do!

  3. Welcome back! Loved the tortoise photos and how they corresponded to how you were feeling! I am on my second Roger sock out of LL Shepherd Sock in the Avalon colorway. I think it would be a great colorway for the new baby blanket, if anyone wants a nice soft blue w/a bit of gray in it.

  4. Oh, a shoe link, very dangerous!!

    What an unusual looking turtle – wow, prehistoric.

    Love the new Briar Rose yarn, I hope she offers it on her website sometime. And every time you show that Pear yarn my resolve weakens! Stop! haha

  5. ooooh it’s monday and i feel more like a slug than a tortoise!!
    love that briar rose yarn. please encourage chris to get it up on the site sooner rather than later!!
    and the campanula is just so gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the brand name of the shoes. Tres cute. Great photos. Love the tortoise analogy!

  7. I’m feeling a lot like Franklin myself right about now! Welcome home, though 🙂 I’m adoring that Briar Rose fiber — I’m going to hope Chris has it when I see her at the end of the month, it looks right up my alley! 🙂

  8. What fun to read about your trip to CA. I have a daughter out there and there’s nothing like a California trip with lots of knitting & laughter! Just wanted to tell you that the baby sweater is stealing my heart away. We have a new grandson-just 4 weeks old and I’ve been looking for the perfect cardigan. I have found it. Can’t wait for the pattern. Thank you for your wonderful designs. I am a fan!!!

  9. Love the turtle and the shoes! The designs on the turtle….what are you planning?! 🙂

  10. Oh, Franklin is a star!! I showed your post to Kade and he is quite proud. Thanks for highlighting him. Of course Chica is feeling a bit jealous. . . .

  11. Camapnula is so pretty! Love it and your whole post.
    Also, loved seeing how good Chica has recovered.
    Question for Kade: what kind of tortoise is Franklin?

  12. I’ve had my share of Franklyn days. Re-entry can be tough!
    Love the Catalpa yarn. I was just re-assigned to a new school on Catalpa Ave. lined with Catalpa trees. Guess I’d better make myself some catalpa socks! Welcome home and thanks for all the yummy yarn photos!

  13. I am seriously lusting after that Briar Rose yarn!!! What a wonderful post this was – so much good yarn porn…and I love the pictures of Franklin. Yesterday was one of those days for me, too. Oh, must I pop my head out of my shell???? 🙂

  14. For Connie: Franklin is a sulcata tortoise. He was only about 3 inches as a baby, but will grow about 2-1/2 feet and weigh over 100 lbs, and live for another 50 plus years. Kades’ grandkids will be playing with him!

  15. Just had to stop in and say that I love both the catalpa colorway from Lorna’s Laces, the copper/forest color from Briar Rose are fantastic! I hope the cherry blossom is finished soon — it looks so soft and lovely! Perfect for spring.

  16. Oh that baby sweater is adorable. I can’t wait for you to release the pattern. It is going to the top of my cue. Amazing. That’s what you are!!!!

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