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like i said the other day, i will always gravitate to clothing with more of “guy” look, but occasionally something dressier is required and when that is the case, i like to have even more control over my comfort.


nothing cheats the requirement to dress up like a garment knit with soft, elegant luxury yarn, whether dyed in a rich hue like this sprint trail tayet or worn in the pearly natural tones of our better breakfast fingering yarn


sexy detailing on the sleeve and at the small of the back


a spill of rich openwork down the center


deceive the eye into thinking this piece is much more structured than it really is. lucky for us, it’s not—it is exceedingly light, stretchy, and comfortable to wear, the perfect finish to a simple dress or loose silk trousers.

or jeans—it has the power to elevate.


the other nice thing about this design? it works with a wide variety of yarns.


the prototype was knit in 100% BFL tayet, a new 3-ply fingering yarn from spirit trail fiberworks. this silky, strong yarn offers both crisp stitch definition and elegant drape with a soft sheen, for gorgeous brocade texture.


not to mention how beautifully it takes dye—just look at this deep cobalt blue color.


softer and a bit fuzzier, the better breakfast fingering yarn translates differently, but with equally beautiful results—this fabric follows the curves of the garment shaping but skims over the body forgivingly.


here the fabric has a lush surface that catches the light and rolls it along each squishy curve in the stitch pattern, pulling the eye front and center.

this design could also be knit in our stone soup fingering yarn—in fact, i have a secret desire to knit a third sample in the river rock shade (don’t tell anyone; i’m supposed to be working on something new).


the design has a tailored shoulder line with set in sleeves—options for long or elbow length included—for the ultimate in elegant fit. subtle waist shaping gives the illusion of a close fit while nipping out just an inch or so.


the lapel/collar is knitted right in and grafted at the center back neck, with a minimum of finishing work (don’t be afraid of the grafting—i will hold your hand all the way through with my free craftsy grafting class).


shown above, long sleeved cardigan in size small, knit in sprit trail tayet, color midnight rendezvous. if you are visiting the maryland sheep and wool show today, stop off at jen’s booth to see the sample and fondle the yarns—you won’t be disappointed! if you purchase the tayet yarn to knit this sweater, she will gift you a copy of the pattern.

shown below, cardigan ins size small with elbow length sleeve, knit in bare naked wools better breakfast fingering yarn, color porridge.


erica has put together a kit for the triticum design which includes the pattern and enough better breakfast fingering yarn to knit either long- or elbow-length sleeves; knitter’s choice of shades (currently there are eight shades in stock).


barb was going to knit hers in stone soup fingering yarn because it’s her favorite, but then decided on BBF in sugarfrost at her husband’s request instead. (barb did finish her sweater too, but not in time for photos yesterday; we’ll show you hers later this week).

to purchase pattern only or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


have a wonderful week; the weather here is fine. i’ll be back in a few days with photos of barb’s finished cardigan and some behind the scenes shots from our all-day seaming party.


22 thoughts on “triticum

  1. I absolutely LOVE it!! Those lapels almost look like you are wearing the most beautiful scarf. And the three quarter sleeves work so well. This has to be amongst my favourite of your patterns Anne, and that’s saying something! Do you think Mr JK would notice if I stopped working on his sweater and started this one?!

  2. At Last! So, so lovely…thanks for the photos in the two different fibers. I decided to use my red Tayet for an Ivar, but I’ m thinking that the Tosh Merino Light base I used for the original Wheaton scarf is going to work up a treat in a more subtle shade.

    I need to finish my projects faster, like you!

  3. Love this! Already snagged the pattern yesterday before leaving town. I bought some sea pearl to knit it up in, but the BBF sure looks enticing! Maybe I NEED two versions? Probably, eh?

  4. This is gorgeous, Anne! Love the shawl-collar effect. It may just jump ahead of several other wips right now. So glad I still have four skeins of breakfast blend–they thought they were going to be a Sprossling, but clearly they were waiting for this!

  5. Triticum looks beautiful on you.
    Mr Knitspot’s post (you know he bribed us for comments!) reminded me of the time and effort the website requires and I knew I wanted to say thank you – yes, even before I saw your “I see how it is with you” post. I’ve been reading for ages and I love your stories and your pictures. Whether you are cooking or eating out, running or gardening, designing or knitting, travelling or at home; I enjoy each post and look eagerly for the next.

  6. Lovely new sweater. It is going on my must knit list. Now to figure out what yarn to use.:)

  7. The soft, drapey, lacey lines are so flattering to the wearer (that would be you). The photos are great, especially the first picture of you and the Porridge version. This,garment is truly beautiful.

  8. Really, I’m not a serial commenter, but it just hit me…this pattern is perfect and I will officially cease and desist from nagging you about the pattern that shall not be named!

  9. I’m thinkng I’ll make several. It’s so pretty. Well worth the wait, Anne. Thank you for yet another beautiful pattern.

  10. Absolutely stunning! I love the contrast between the slim fitted back and the fall of brocade in the front.

  11. Beautiful pattern, I couldn’t resist buying the pattern and the yarn in Daybreak. It’s a birthday present for me; must be fate as it was released on my birthday. I can’t think of a better present and can’t wait to make this lovely sweater with your lovely yarn.

  12. That is just gorgeous – may be my favorite so far. You look lovely too!

  13. Especially beautiful photos. The light is very nice at the stairs, with the art behind. I’m kinda getting a Joan Baez vibe from this sweater. So nicely sculpted.

  14. This is love on first sight! That cardigan is an absolute stunner and I can imagine it alongside some jeans or “warming up” a nice summer dress!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs.

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