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oh you sock knitters; you convinced me.
(sorry scarf knitters, i just didn’t get to do photos today; we’ll have to release campanula in a couple of days. i promise, those photos are the very next on my list).

but here’s one of them anyway . . . for me this sock just sparkles with the feeling of being waterside—the abundant light, the sounds, the stones and shells, and the shapes of the lapping ocean—i love them all. and then there are the memories of camp, sigh.
a fun, fun pattern to knit that looks WAY more complex than it is; it’s a great summer sock project. just ask gail—she’s making two pair already!

shown here in size small and knit in blue moon fiber arts socks that rock® lightweight, colorway lodestone, a deliciously cool, lemon-sherbet colorway.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

this completes my latest episode of “love letter to tina“, being the third sock in a row i’ve knit in her fun and fabulous socks that rock® yarn. but i promise, it won’t be my last; i’m not “taking a break” or anything like that. thank you tina for a wonderful week at camp; it was my first and i hope it won’t be the last.

once again agnes rocked the test knit for this sock; she works so fast it makes my head spin—thank you agnes, you are super-duper!

not to be outdone, gail joined in and knit two different sizes for her test pairs—how lucky are we? gail, i HEART you!

my fabulous friend kim pulled out all the stops to work the socks for a splendid at the tidepools in la jolla, with an audience of curious tourists (and jocelyn and beckie to heckle her), no less (she can handle it, though).

and though we’re not in california any more (pout), i am delighted to treat you to more of those dazzling views and textures found only on the west coast.

26 thoughts on “port ludlow sock

  1. Thanks so much for releasing the Port Ludlow sock pattern! I love the way it looks–& the wonderful pics alongside the beaches & tide pools. I can almost smell the sea breeze & hear the waves. Thanks, I needed that!

  2. I did my fair share (well maybe more than a fair share) of begging/grovelling for the release of this fabulous sock pattern, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart and ‘sole.’ Pattern site, here I come!

  3. The Port Ludlows are gorgeous and a good match for the spectacular scenery! Makes me do some California dreamin’.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the Port Ludlow sock. Off to buy the pattern now. Thanks so much, Anne!

  5. Thank you so much! Pattern purchased. Now I just have to decide which yarn to use. These deserve something special.

  6. Oh, your pattern release photos are such great sock porn! And I mean that in the very nicest way possible. Lovely, lovely!

  7. Great photos! Lovely pattern too! You should have gotten a pic with a little crab attacking Tina’s foot…I have no idea why. I guess because it’s finally Friday. 🙂

  8. The sock photos are great (as usual). However, I have a food question. The pasta dish you made on your trip to the west coast – is there a recipe online – it looks yummy.

  9. I love these socks, Anne! I guess I’ll have to take a break from shawls and wraps. How wrong is this? I looked at the pictures and thought “Love those socks…but those aren’t Anne or David’s feet.” I know that’s wrong on so many levels…

  10. Oh Anne! What a fantastic venue for a photoshoot!! Your post has transported me from the rainy, cold and windy PacNW to sunshine and blue skies with one click!! I love virtual reality!!

    Those socks are soo lovely, and I heart them AND I heart you, too!! 🙂 🙂

    Happy weekend!! 🙂

  11. Thank you, Anne! I’ve been waiting for the Port Ludlow socks for ages! I also feel like I’ve been knitting one pair of STR socks after another lately, but Tina has the most tempting colors ever.

    I’m off to queue my new pattern.

  12. Anne, this pattern rocks! I love it. But then I love all of your designs. Off to purchase the pattern. I already know what yarn I’m going to use. Thank you!

  13. Pale yellow lovely sea foam swirl socks- I remember those tide pools from my youth growing up in San Diego- thanks for letting me revisit them!!!!

  14. Those are yummy socks! I want to knit them now, but have to force myself to stay focused and finish some graduation gifts first. They will definitely be added to the queue though.

  15. You love your Sock patterns so much, The Colour is fabulous against the background of rocky coastline. Your stitch patterns are always superb. I seem to want to purchase most of your sock patterns and your lace shawls are beautiful. Although I must design some more I’ve been knitting too much for myself lately 🙂 maybe soon though they are too pretty.

  16. Thanks, Ann! I love the down-loadable PDF format—especially when it’s 4:09 AM and I’m itching to start a new project. I will have worked on this for a few hours before my LYS even opens this morning. (!) Now I’m off to dive through my stash to see what near-solids I can come up with.

  17. fabulous anne. either i have to learn to make socks or you have to put that glorious pattern into a shawl! and your photos are as spectacular as your patterns.

  18. love, love, love!!!!!!!!!
    Next time you venture into the Great Pacific Northwest – you must visit Seabeck – – – my ancestors lived there in the 1800’s – it’s a lovely little place too AND I’m sure you will be inspired (not too much pressure from me – – – )

  19. Lovely socks — but I have a question about the pattern. In many of the photos, it looks like the cables are spiraling up the leg, but in some of them, it looks like vertical columns of cables. Can you clarify?


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