happy birthday mister knitspot!

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it’s the first day of october and david’s birthday (ok, well my internet was down when i tried to post this yesterday, so let’s pretend it’s still the 1st). he did NOT get a basket of vegetables for his birthday; those i picked on wednesday.


and yes, we are still collecting THAT many green beans every two or three days (this was an eight-pound haul). i just can’t bear to throw them out so i give them away to just about anyone who walks by the house. in this case, it was barb—not that she’s just anyone but, knit night is wednesday so after pulling out a couple meals worth for us, the rest went home with her.

for david, i used all those vegetables (plus a huge basket of swiss chard) to make a fairly authentic indian meal. i would have taken photos but my phone camera has been working only on and off and today, it was decidedly off. hmm, i just realized that i’ve mentioned two things broken down and i’m only on the third paragraph; what next??

let’s talk instead about something that IS working.


thank you for all your enthusiastic comments regarding my new cabled coat design, vendange. the name, taken directly from the name jen gave to the yarn color, is inspired by the french word for “grape harvest”. here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like in action.


david and i took the coat to a church downtown the other day for a photo shoot and i got to test it for true wearability. the timing couldn’t have been better; the weather had turned suddenly cold, windy, and rainy—a reminder that we are going to need sweaters like this from now on.

and hey—they might as well be wonderful ones that we want to wear, yes?


the verdict?
this one definitely IS; i love it! i was worried that it would be heavy, but it’s not; it’s really nice to wear and SO cozy. the A-line shaping is just right—enough to swing freely around my body, but not so much that it’s bulky.

barb is knitting the shorter version and last night she was adding the collar, so she’s almost done. and she has started one in chebris worsted, for which i am foaming at the mouth (no pressure or anything barb . . .).


i think you get the picture from the photos—smiles all around. look for the pattern release just before rhinebeck weekend (october 17 and 18); buy it either online here or in the spirit trail booth at rhinebeck. more details as the time draws closer; i believe jen has a promotion brewing with her vesta yarn rollout and we plan to do the same on bare naked wools purchases for this garment.

we will be showing that weekend at the indie untangled trunk show event and also our own event


on sunday afternoon at the courtyard marriott in kingston, from 2 to 9 pm. come on over after the show to browse our popup shop and enjoy refreshments with us in a relaxed, social atmosphere. we are cooking up several promotions for the event; stay tuned for details.

ok, now, much as i want to just bask in the glow of my recent FO, i am already deep into the next one, which has been on my needles since i stitched the last button on that red coat. i’ve got a schedule i need to catch up with, for i am behind as usual.


fortunately, i am once again knitting with a lofty, big, squishy, delightful yarn so staying on task is not difficult.


this time it’s chebris worsted in the silvery dragée shade—to die for, truly. if only miss piggy could be here  . . . she’d be all over this one (stay with it through minute three). i am even more excited about this design than the red one i think—i even thought of the most excellent place to do a photo shoot, if they will allow us.

back to the present tho . . .


tomorrow erica and i are off to the athens area fiber faire; this is a gem of a show and we are so excited to have a booth there. if you are within driving distance, it promises to be a terrific early fall weekend—why don’t you come see us? i understand that athens is a fun college town with lots of personality; it will be my first visit and i’m really looking forward to it. i know a few peeps are talking about being there—please stop by to say hello!

(that reminds me; i still need to pack a bag.)

so i’ve gotta get going now and get back to my packing and my knitting; hope you are working on fun stuff too!

35 thoughts on “happy birthday mister knitspot!

  1. Hope David had a great birthday. That coat is a masterpiece – classic and elegant. I just love how you can snuggle right down inside the collar. Genius!!

  2. Wonderful coat! Love the striping at the bottom and the way that it flares a bit. You’re so right – it flares just enough. That red is gorgeous too. Looking forward to seeing Barb’s version.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, David. I hope you had a super day. Because you’re a super guy and deserve the best.

    Every time I see the sweater coat I salivate. Ohmygosh! It’s a beauty. A must have. Looking forward to seeing Barb’s too.

    You are one speedy knitter, Anne. That color is perfect on you.

  4. I love Athens. My daughter graduated from OU in 2000. I was hoping to get there this year, but it is not meant to be. I will hopefully get there next year. Have fun!

  5. The red coat is really beautiful. The collar is terrific, and the stripes worked out well. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  6. Happiest of birthdays, David! Gorgeous coat, Anne! Waiting (though impatiently), for the pattern release.

  7. Happy it heat, Mr. Knitspot! The photographs of the coat at the church are breathtaking. So, is the beautiful produce from your garden–wish I were strolling by your house!

  8. My jaw literally dropped when I saw you in the red coat. Absolutely stunning!
    Happy Birthday David 🙂

  9. David, hoping that you have a fantastic birthday month! Thank you for all that you do, and I am optimistically looking forward to your next blog post.

    Anne, the coat is over the top in every way!

  10. Anne,
    I know red is not always your favorite color, but you and the coat look fabulous in that shade.
    Happy Birthday David. Hope you got a chocolate cake!

  11. 1. Happy Birthday Mr. Knitspot!

    2. Amaaaaazing coat! Love the photo shoot also!

    3. My brother went to college/med school in Athens, and he still lives in the area. It’s such an incredible place! I am sending my SIL a text to inform her of the show! (She knits too…)

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Knitspot! You share the day with my mother-in-law and niece.

    As for vendange – GOR – GEOUS!! Do we really have to wait until the 17th? (Begging and pleading) Absolutely stunning.

  13. Happy belated birthday, David.
    And I LOVE that coat. Anne, is anybody knitting it in a size that would fit a 5’8″ woman with broad shoulders? Love to see it on someone who isn’t, sadly, as beautifully petite as you are.
    You look fabulous in it – and that is probably about my most favorite shade of my favorite red color. Win, win.

  14. Happy Birthday to David!
    The coat is stunning and I hope we’ll get to see it at Rhinebeck- it’s going in my Must Make queue. I love it in red. Hope Jen brings tons of yarn with her.

  15. Belated happy birthday wishes to David!

    I saw “Athens Fiber Faire” and I was what! When?

    And then saw “OHIO” and was madly disappointed.

  16. You’ve outdone yourself this time! I’m looking forward to seeing Barb in hers, I hope you’ll post a pic or two.

  17. happy belated birthday mr. knitspot! sorry i missed your big day.
    and of course the coat is spectacular. covet the chebris worsted –

  18. How’s Barb’s version of the coat coming along? I got inspired by your tomato sauce and went to my favorite vendor at the farmer’s market last Friday and bought 8 pounds of their yellow (with red strips) tomatoes. Used about 6.5 pounds in sauce (now frozen) and saved the rest to eat.

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