shawl we dance?

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ok, i’m over feeling sad! and who wouldn’t be?

in a surprise sprint finish, the knitspot team claims a KWC victory!
i even have it pinned out to block

i didn’t have to stretch it much at all; not like some of the other ones. it’s already quite sheer and thin, and the soaking took out all the bubbling of the fabric. i decided to let the outer edges fall into the ruffles that they want to be

since i just happen to know that the dress has complementary details—it is a strapless, mermaid fit down to just below the knee, where is flares out with deep organdy pleating.

so i just stretched and shaped those little bells made by the corona lace with my hands and let them flare as they would, while pinning down the edge in two spots between each one.

once it’s dry, i’ll unpin it and give it a shake to see whether that will work nicely. if not, i can always re-block it! so far i love it. and the fabric has certainly not lost it’s silky halo of fuzz from being wetted.

i played with it out in the garden for a while before i washed it, to make sure i got the whole experience out of my system before i send it away!

now i had plenty of yarn to make the shawl, but as i got down to the last rows, i was hoping to keep it to 4 balls. guess how much i had left??

just barely enought to make a stockinette swatch for the pattern gauge!

tomorrow i’ll have lovely styled photos of the completed object—and the pattern will be available very soon!

13 thoughts on “shawl we dance?

  1. Wow! Congrats on finishing it in time. It’s LOVELY.

    Hmmm, you’re making me want to start knitting a shawl. Bummer that I have no laceweight yarn in my stash (or rather, not enough of any single color). I may have to rectify that situation soon. What are your favorite yarns for shawls?

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on making it to the finish line before the yarn ran out. Does it help to knit faster when you’re getting near the end of the ball?

  3. Your KWC shawl is gORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning! You should be very proud of it. I’m anxious to see the pattern, too.
    The KWC has been a blast, too.

  4. I wonder how I can get my hands on the shawl without Anne or the recipient realizing it………Anne, this is just breath-taking! I for one will be first in line for the pattern (tripping Beth in the process) oopsie!!!

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