david takes the pictures today

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thank you everyone, for the lovely comments about the wing-of-the-moth shawl!
i thought the best part of the project was the fun of knitting it, but now i know that the best part is sharing it! shawl went into the mail today to the bride, but david kindly took some beautiful photos of it before it went out. it’s hard to pick a favorite, but i think this one is it:

okay, i’ll give you one more close-up, too

and then the heavens opened up, unleashing a terrible storm.
i know!—how biblical can you get, right?! but that’s just what happened.

i am SO itchy to start a new lace shawl, i can taste it. but i am holding off for a few days, because i have a skirt and 2 birthday gifts to finish. the skirt you’ve seen, so i won’t bore you with that.

one gift is the second little shrug for the younger birthday girl, a 9-year-old this time. i have been waiting 8 weeks for the yarn to come in, and finally it did.

sorry about the blurriness; it’s raining and dark now . . .
this should be a pretty quick knit; the first one went along well and with this one i can make even more notes and maybe, finally, get a pattern written (though you will most certainly see that shawl pattern before this one—sizing is a challenge for me).

so anyway, that brings me to the next birthday project, anotherr one for my niece, who will turn 11 at the end of the month. she’s getting the black shrug, but get this: she asked me to buy her a swimsuit!
i mean, couldn’t she have asked for something where i had even a miniscule chance in hell of getting it right??
and then her mom says “oh, yeah, she needs a new one; she likes a two-piece”, thus sealing the deal. there is no getting out of it—i am going to have to go shop for a preteen swimsuit. any and all suggestions on where i should go are greatly appreciated! i’m thinking old navy (thanks to debbie!), simply for the convenience; they probably have stores in texas, right?

her mom also said “and she loves everything you make for her”, so here’s what i’m thinking: black basic two-piece suit, hopefully in a style that will not threaten my relationship with my brother, and a nice wrap that she can tie around her hips or throw over her top.

and, feeling much more comfortable with the second part of that story, i started this:

out of this yarn (who could resist a name like this?)

i started this in class this morning, so i’m thinking it will be a REALLY quick knit that i can alternate with the skirt. while i dream about the new shawl (awww, it is gonna be great—i have the main pattern picked out, and am searching for the right edging. i love it already. i even wound the yarn into a ball.) and somewhere in there i will squeeze in the shrug.

i also started a new pair of socks with the j.knits yarn i mentioned a few days back

they are for my mom for christmas, and they are lacy, but i hate the pattern; it doesn’t come out like the picture when i knit it from the chart! plus, i have to move the round marker on every repeat. so i think i’ll have to rip this out and start over afresh with my second choice—waterfall stitch. the yarn though, is real yummy—super soft and has a nice density once it’s knitted (i’m using inox size 2).

i don’t think i have anything else to say. i am hoping to get back to some spinning tomorrow and if i do, we’ll have a chat about spinny stuff. i have some silk that is calling my name . . .

12 thoughts on “david takes the pictures today

  1. Amazing; I wish I could knit something as beautiful, but i just find shawl patterns really daunting.

  2. I think I have said already a couple of times, but I’ll say anyway: the shawl is just beautiful.

    I’m stuck spinning lace weight Shetland so some inspiration is welcomed. Looking forward to see your spinning… if you find time for it.

  3. Oh Anne, the shawl is so beautiful, and so generously sized, good to snuggle with.

    I have some of that Classic Silk, let me know what you think of it.

  4. What a shawl! It’s even more stunning when it’s draped over an actual person.

    I’ve got some Kidsilk Haze at home which absolutely cries out to become a shawl like that.

  5. The shawl itself is so beautiful and I love the photos…sets it off to advantage. Love seeing your knitting adventures.

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