the seeds you sow

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Hello and Happy Holidays Anne and Knitspotters,

It has been awhile since I have written and Anne asked if I would like to write a guest blog before the year ended to give an update—of course I would!

To start I want to say thank you for all the support you all have given me on my journey, and I hope you are all well. As for me, I have been doing really well most of the time, as most people do and especially here in cold damp Washington. I have battled with some minor illnesses, but I am doing better now.


I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before or not, but I was looking into studying abroad for a semester, and I am pleased to say I am going to be in Florence, Italy next semester! I will be studying at Studio Art Centers International-Florence (SACI). Here I will be continuing to study art history, I will be taking a few contemporary Italian art classes, as well as one focusing on just women in art history! I am also going to be in a beginning Italian language course. I am still headed as far as studies go towards being in a Curatorial/Museology program. I will be in a Museology class while abroad as well, and there are plenty of optional fieldtrips I am hoping to take part in!

As things are going now, I am expecting to graduate as soon as I am done with my semester abroad, and after graduation I plan to work and save for Graduate school, as well as looking for internship opportunities. A good friend of mine brought an internship to my attention that takes place at The Smithsonian and I really would like to be able to apply for and get it. But, in the meantime there are a few local museums that need volunteers and it would be great experience to get all sorts of different perspectives of museum life.


Outside of school I haven’t done a whole lot . . at the beginning of the term I did a rather strenuous hike to the top of the Oyster Dome.It was a great feeling to have been able to do it again and to cut nearly two hours off my previous climbing time. I have also attended a couple of dinners with other foster youth who go to Western, they are nice but it seems most of them are as focused and busy with school as I felt to have been able to get together more often than we did. It was nice however to get to know them and their stories.

Other than these few dinners I met a girl at my best friends birthday party and it turned out that she was also in the Art History program at Western and we were even in two classes together. Her name is Christie and we became fast friends with all the things we had in common, it is a great but bittersweet thing, because I have had a hard time in college making good lasting friendships and to meet someone who I have been so compatible with in my last term. I plan to visit and see her and a couple of other people who will still be in Bellingham after I graduate, but I will not be living there.

I will be moving back down to Chehalis where my grandparents and my sister and her family live. I also have a job at a locally owned market in Chehalis where I will work to pay back the small loans I have had to take out for my study abroad, and save for grad school.


We had a pretty big Christmas celebration my sister and her family, and my uncle came to my grandparent’s home to celebrate and it was really nice. My sister recently had her fourth child a boy named Mason


so it has been very nice to spend time with all of them and know that they are happy and doing well. Something that I was really excited to have gotten to do was to see my older sister’s son who I haven’t seen since he was 18 months old; he was adopted by a very nice family and is now almost 6 years old. He didn’t remember me but it was great to see him and know that he is loved and happy!

To end my entry I want to thank you all again for your support of me over the years and I hope you all have a wonderful 2016!


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  1. Wonderful to hear from Brandy and to know that she is doing well. I’m excited about her opportunity to study in Florence, and trusting this will be a great experience for her.

  2. Study abroad, enjoy! Look into the internships at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is available to undergraduates and grad students in most departments. Unfortunately it is not paid, perhaps as a grad student.

  3. So good to get the update from Brandy directly and how wonderful o have worked out a semester abroad. Florence is ideal for this area of study…

  4. So excited for your semester in Florence, as I lived there too. Try to get to Assisi if you have the chance. Mind blowingly awesome frescoes. So excited for you. Congrats on being so close to graduation. Happy New Year, it will be a great one!

  5. so good to hear from you Brandy! sounds like school and career goals are going well. the Smithsonian would be a fabulous place for an internship – i live in the area – such a great museum to visit

  6. So uplifting to read what a little support can give these young people. Brandy, you are an inspiration. Have an amazing time in Florence, it is a beautiful city. Thank you to all at knitspot for the part you play in enabling this to happen.

  7. It is a small world Brandy. I grew up in Centralia right next door to Chehalis. Graduated from Centralia High School. Whenever I’m in Seattle, I drive down to where I grew up and drive around. Lots of memories.

    Have a wonderful time in Italy!

  8. So nice to hear from you, Brandy! Sounds like your hard work is starting to pay off, and I wish you continued success as you study abroad and finish up your undergrad work!

  9. I was so glad to read your update, Brandy, and hear that you are moving ever closer to your goal. Enjoy your time in Florence! It sounds like a wonderful experience for you!

  10. Hi Brandy ~ You are an inspiration to all! You have done so well and how exciting to be studying abroad in Venice! I taught high school art for 37 years and also
    volunteered at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. It is lovely to work in a beautiful place such as museums. I know I can speak for everyone ~ we are so proud of you in what you’ve done, what you will take from your wonderful experiences, and the lovely young lady you’ve become! Take care and have a wonderful New Year!

  11. It sounds like the upcoming year will be full and fun for you. You are so focused and goal oriented, I see bright things in your future.

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