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it’s live! click the logo to take a look . . .
our first bare naked wools collection, with contributions from designers kiran badola, irina dmitrieva, anne hanson, rosemary hill, and general hogbuffer.

purchase downloadable ensemble patterns on ravelry or in our bare naked wools boutique . . . then move on to see a collection of ensemble kits in our luxurious winter yarns.

it’s been a labor of love for everyone here that was numerous months in the making; we are deeply grateful to all who contributed, test knit, tech edited, and hosted our photo shoots. i am especially grateful for the efforts of our team here—my superhero erica betz, the ever-agile andrew (our graphic designer), anne marie and ronni for tech editing, the lovely lillian, our dear models and friends, and of course, my partner in love and crime, david. thank you all!


27 thoughts on “ensemble

  1. Beautiful collection. Stunning really. Makes me want to be a better knitter right away so that I can make everything! Practice.

    By the way, for the Beaver Creek Scarf I think you guys meant to write that it was one of the first weaving patterns…

  2. I’ve been obsessively refreshing this page since Monday because I was looking forward to this collection so much, and it did not disappoint! Well done everyone.

    A request: Could you please let us know which of the suggested yarns the samples are shown in, and also which colour(s). I love that you suggest multiple yarns for each pattern but it’s nice to know how to reproduce the sample.

  3. I too have been obsessively refreshing the page since Monday. (I need to get a life.) And the designs are all quite gorgeous. Congratulations! What a massive amount of work you’ve all done. I’m hoping that the designs are indeed coming out, as it says on Ravelry, as a pamphlet. Is that true? Will they come out as a collection? Will there perhaps be paper involved?

  4. Please say that the fabulous scarf that shows up on the cover and also in the look book will eventually find its way to the pattern group. I’ve been eyeballing it all week. I would cast on immediately.

  5. After reading this post and the comments, the next step was a no brainer. Take a look at the Look Book. Stunning! Inspiring! Breathtaking!

    Once again you are tempting me to take on way more knitting than I can possibly accomplish.

    Congratulations on this amazing collection!

  6. Spectacular, beautiful, wonderful, great patterns! I love it all!

    Will there be a possibility of an ebook in the future?

    Bravo to everyone!

  7. Wow, just Wow! There are quite a few designs I want to knit now! I see several patterns in the look-book that aren’t on Ravelry. Will they be available soon?

    Great job!!

  8. Is the poncho in this collection the same L-shaped structure as the Blanket Statement one? I made that and put buttonholes along the sides as well as at the ends and have been wearing it as a wrap, buttoned at the front. I had not thought to wrap it all around my neck like this.

  9. This is the most wonderful ‘coffee table’ book. I can enjoy just looking at all the gorgeous photos. Well done!

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