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well, that spring weather didn’t last . . . winter has finally hit our area, with temperatures plummeting down to the teens, wind howling, and snow flying—albeit, for the first time this winter.


but we are managing to stay cozy here, warmed by folds of our delicious better breakfast DK worked up in my new shawl design—Krokos, which was published in the spring issue of interweave knits—just in time for my birthday last week!


this snuggly shawl is just the thing for a sudden bout of bitter cold weather—big enough to wrap around on top of your coat lapels and light enough to fall into luxurious folds that capture warmth and hold it close. and who doesn’t love having an extra layer handy at the office?


one day soon, when spring comes on us suddenly, you can ditch that coat and just wear the shawl for a stylin’ solution to changeable weather—it’s attractive both coming and going in the warm coals shade (my favorite kind of clothing).


and even though it’s high on function, it’s also got some really fine features that are all aesthetic, from its openwork hem (just look how beautifully that BBDK yarn blocks out)


to the diagonal body pattern that falls into natural pleats so prettily around the shoulders.


i knit this lighter sample in our ginny sport yarn (in the georgia shade) on needles two sizes smaller than the pattern calls for, but my sample still blocked out to the same measurements as the DK version.


it’s a little airier and frothier, but still warm when gathered all about the head and neck. it would be lovely as a wedding shawl over bare shoulders; this is a nice fiber choice for sensitive skin.  ginny DK would also work well, lending a luscious density closer to the hand of the BBDK.


emily modeled this for the camera back in october, when we still had green leaves on the trees.


not only was the design included in the interweave issue, but they wrote up a lovely story about our bare naked wools yarn label as well; if you have a copy of the magazine, check it out on page 4.


and do you know, i haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: it is super easy to knit—that’s a promise. first, it has no special or challenging sts; just the basic k, p, yo, and simple decreases.


and then, the wrong side rows are worked entirely in purl except for a few at the very end, which are in knit. great for traveling or spectator knitting, terrific for beginners.


it’s a good choice for a first shawl project because the dramatic results belie its simplicity. who knows, this could be mister knitspot’s next knitting adventure . . .


after all, i’ve got another birthday coming up in less than a year.

11 thoughts on “krokos blooms

  1. This is such a pretty shawl. I just got my issue of Interweave Knits, and I was so delighted to see the article about your yarn, and the pattern. What a nice surprise! And Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Hope you had a happy birthday! I was actually thinking of you that day (thanks to Ravelry’s cake icon I was aware)– cooking a recipe from the Cuisine of the Sun cook book you recommended!

    It turned out wonderfully, of course. A porc and capers recipe. The capers here are a little bigger than I’m accustomed to back home. And in the local epicerie, I’ve seen jars of capers that were olive sized. I keep looking at them, wondering if I could handle that much taste in a bite.

  3. What another tribute to you and all you do! Beautiful design and I love it in the lighter version! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Anne; I feel so bad when it slips by me….it comes too quickly! A belated happy birthday regardless!

  4. I love this pattern! I actually just started it on Sunday using some fingering weight handspun Shetland. I love how it is coming out so far!

  5. I bet he could do it! He’s gotten so good! Now that the secret of this one is out I really need to take a picture with mine on…

  6. Happy birthday, belatedly. My birthday is this week, so I am very partial to Aquarians! This shawl seems very practical and it’s pretty to boot!

  7. It’s beautiful, Anne. So sorry I missed your birthday last week. A belated Happy Birthday with lots of love.

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