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summer is the wonderful season for fireflies and fun, when thoughts of fall and winter are far, far from my mind. yet soon enough, autumn will be here with chilly air to chase the lightening bugs toward next year. time then, for knitting a cozy little shawlette to bridge one season’s passing into another—a wash of silk-softened wool splashed across with star and firefly motifs, extending summer just a bit while closeting thoughts of a jacket for one more month. it’s just the thing for september . . .

shown above, the petite size in spirit trail fiberworks penelope, a 50/50 bombyx silk/merino fingering yarn, in colorway falcon’s eye.

shown below, the mini size in zen yarn gardens serenity silk lace, a 80/10/10 merino/silk/cashmere lace/fingering yarn, in colorway creamsicle.

accented here with a gorgeous beetle brooch, a gift from adrienne at perl

just the thing to set off the motifs in the scarf tails. thank you adrienne!

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

mister knitspot’s filmmaking continues with a little piece he shot while i worked at blocking this shawl; you can see it by clicking here to get to the knitspot youTube channel)

the absolutely lovely and generous jennifer, of spirit trail fiberworks, handed me this fascinating skein of penelope at the maryland sheep and wool, on a day so hot, it was all we could do not to mop our brows with the yarn. and yet, i was smitten (yarn ho that i am). when i thought up the firefly shawlette, i knew i had a marriage made in heaven; this yarn is pure luxury. you can see this and many other gorgeous fiber blends in jennifer’s online store.

inspired by the way it knit up in the dark colorway, i went searching for a color that would give me a completely different take on the same pattern. enter zen yarn garden’s serenity silk lace, the house blend laceweight devised by the ever-enabling roxanne. in a summery, juicy orange, it was just the thing.

one shawl, two ways; both beautiful. thanks so much jennifer and roxanne!

many thanks to our test knitters phoebe and kim, too—besides working through the pattern carefully to suss out any issues, these two were the very best of cheerleaders along the way, emailing frequently to say how much fun they were having. how lucky am i??
BTW, kim knit hers in her new lark fingering yarn; runor has, you can see it later today on her blog

ok, time for more pictures, i think! i’m going to end with my favorite series from the whole shoot . . .

and i’ll leave it to you to imagine what happened next, hehe.

33 thoughts on “luciole

  1. Anne you vixen you! 🙂 Lovely pattern! A friend of mine is working on Fernfrost–it’s so pretty.

  2. Anne, tell David that I loved his photo shoot and this video. Excellent detail.

    I’m off to buy yet another KS pattern. I’ve been waiting for this one and I’m almost finished with Les Abeilles – so perfect timing. You are so creative. And a beautiful person – inside and out : )

  3. I’m so excited this pattern has been released and I can’t wait to knit it up. I loved the video David made of you blocking it. He shows such wonderful and close up details and I also love the music. Please keep making them, you make it look so easy. I noticed you had several blocking wires that are curved. May I ask where you found them? I’d love to have some but I’ve only seen the straight ones. Off to buy the pattern 😉

  4. Hee! Wonderful photo shoot…and I can’t wait to knit this gorgeous shawl. You turn ’em out so much faster than I can knit them.

  5. Exquisite…this pattern, the photos and the the video. Les abeilles # 2 just came off my needles last night. Needless to say, Luciole and I have a de “light” ful date planned for this evening, thanks to you (and Mr. Knitspot). Bravo on yet another brilliant pattern, Anne!

  6. You little yarn ho, you! (just quoting you!) You do have that way you look at the camera man!! Lovely new pattern……

  7. I’ve been waiting for this pattern! Of course, I have no idea when I’ll actually get to a point where I can cast on – but that won’t stop me from buying it!

    And I love the video — it makes blocking look meditative, not frustrating.

  8. As usual, great shawl/shawlette. Breathtaking photos. You look gorgeous! You look so happy and at peace, with that little bit of cheeky pixie in your eyes. So nice to see you so happy AND wearing such a gorgeous shawl.

  9. whoa the next thing you know there will be shawlettes on the cover of Playboy and Hustler!
    great pattern and love that spirit trail colorway!

  10. So very very beautiful! Not only the shawl but you are, too. How did you manage it to maintain your body in such a youthful shape?

  11. How lovely! I always get so cold driving to work in the Fall/Winter months and this is perfect to wrap around my neck to keep warm. I always get compliments whenever I wear one of your designs and I anticipate a lot of “Where did you get that?” and “I want one too!” coming my way. Off to shop for yarn now. Cheers!

  12. I love this! It will be my next project after I finish my second Les Abeilles. And I just happened to have bought the same pin! Perfect!

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