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you might not be pulling out cold weather knits quite yet to wear, but you might be making your holiday knits list, thinking of yarns to look for at fall shows, or looking for small, portable projects to take along on fall excursions. and we have a trio of possibilities for you.


this adorable set of worsted weight accessories was featured in the kickoff segment of our IMMERSION club in february. knit up in in the exclusive blue colorway le dauphin in spirit trail verdande, this trio is a quick, fun knit to brighten up those mid-winter days.


featuring an unusual cable that creates a chain look, the hat, mittens, and cowl were a delightful surprise to our clubbies and inspired a round of raucous fun in our ravelry clubhouse. over the next two months, participants enjoyed the speediness and satisfaction of finishing projects in plenty of time to wear them while the cold weather hung in.

each piece is designed for three sizes, making it a project that works well for stuffing stockings later on, since you can pick any size and it will surely fit someone.

and when knit up in a neutral yarn, like one of our bare naked wools worsted weights, it would suit any member of the family. just imagine it in super-cush and fluffy better breakfast or chebris worsted—oh my yumminess. and in kent or confection worsted, a go-to woodsman’s must-have (even if you woodsman is a weekend warrior).


first, the adorable chain of fools cap, topped by a large pom pom—who could resist it? just one skein of worsted weight yarn does the job and uses up every bit of the yarn.


ours has a bit of a slouch but it is easily shortened if a tighter fit is desired.


some people might prefer this look without the pom pom and that’s fine, too—simply eliminate it and make it your own.


with a second skein of yarn, you can add on the chain, chain, chain cowl, in the shorter length—this project knits up so fast you can even consider it for an emergency last minute gift knit.


got lots of that particular worsted weight yarn? choose one of the longer versions for a cowl that wraps double or brightens up the whole front of a dark coat.


and finally, the mittens—deliciously warm and cozy, these are breeze to knit with a fit that is perfect.


plenty of people on your holiday list will appreciate and extra set of mittens for cold, blustery days.


hard to believe we are talking about snowy weather already, when the garden is still producing juicy tomatoes, but you know it will arrive before we’re really ready . . .


all three patterns are available in our ravelry pattern shop as well as the online shop here on our website. to purchase patterns or view complete details, please click the links to check out the listings in the knitspot pattern shop for cuffed links, chain, chain, chain, or chain of fools OR here to view them in my ravelry pattern shop:  cuffed linkschain, chain, chain, or chain of fools.


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  1. Ann,
    The yarn and the beautiful hat and accessories are just enough fantastic that I can forgive you for the pictures of snow on this cool autumn morning :). As much as I enjoy knitting, wearing and/or gifting warm beauties, I have difficulty appreciating the weather that requires them. I am just getting used to the idea that summer is over and here are pictures of winter (sigh). But the set is beautiful!!

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