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oh wow, the flood of learn-to-knit stories to our email box this morning has been fantastically touching, charming, and a true testament that all over the world, knitters at least, still find common ground. thank you SO much!


i learned to knit from my grandma and my mom so long ago that remnants of my first projects probably do not exist. but i do have this gorgeous scarf which was david’s first project, and which hangs on the back of my desk chair, where i can reach for it any time i need to feel warm.

david was taught to knit by my our dear friend kim3 as a surprise for my 49th birthday. you can read more about this gift in the blog i wrote back in 2009. i’m going to try to convince david to write just a little bit later today about learning to knit.

if you haven’t done so yet, drop your own comment at the end of sunday’s post to be included in the book drawing.


3 thoughts on “keep them coming!

  1. Oh! How sweet! I remember having such fun teaching David. He was so determined to get this right for you Anne!! And a lovely scarf he made!

  2. I learned to knit from a neighbor in college. Her name was Cora. She was elderly and like the company. I had tried to learn rom books but I am much more of a kinetic learner so it helped to have a human.I made a sweater and the arms were way too long. It had a faux bobble stitch pattern and was purple. I kept it for years.

  3. I learned to knit from my godmother and grandmother- who were sisters. They taught me at the age of 3/4 so i would learn to sit quietly. All i learned to do at an early age was knit and chat. 🙂

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