no disasters scheduled yet

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wanna see something cute??
are you sure? because i could show you something less than cute . . .
okay, hang on a sec. this piece turned out just the way i pictured it in my head. well, almost.
not that i’m disappointed at ALL. i’m not.
okay, NOW you can look (i just wanted to see how long debbie could go without bouncing
in her chair)

i had thought there might be room for multiple repeats of that cat’s paw stitch at the bottom. and when i write the pattern, i think i will adjust everything so that there could be. i just love those big freakin’ holes. talk about ventilation . . .
and, as if that wasn’t practical enough, let’s talk about how sexy it is in a totally innocent way. it gives you both the illusion of a short, see-through garment, while preserving a veil of mystery. it sends a very definite look-but-don’t-touch message (which really whispers come hither, of course). how much do you love that?
don’t say i’m not looking out for you.

i was a little concerned that the allover lace might compromise one’s, ahem, modesty, but—oh, stop with the laughing already—but no!
i put it on and was perusing it closely in the mirror and totally forgot about it being in any way see-through, because i got all caught up in looking at the stitches.

now, i’m not saying other people would do the same (a few non-knitters might not), but you should be safe at the LYS. seriously, i don’t think that see-through is a problem here. i may try to find some longer-legged skivvies in a matching color for it (and only because of the bike riding), but i’m not gonna NOT wear it if i don’t find them right away.

i did feel, after having it on, that the fabric needed a good pressing to flatten everything down. these stitches created a texture with more depth, and i wasn’t completely thrilled with that. but indeed, a healthy spray of water and a hot iron (with a cloth between) flattened the fabric nicely and made it a tad more fluid in the bargain.
david was too busy to take pictures of me in it today, but maybe i can somehow lure him into into doing it tomorrow.

socks are growing like weeds around here, too, though i don’t remember working on them all that much. must have been picking them up and doing rows while thinking about something else. the brownTreXX are nearing the heel

i like the trekking a lot, but every sock i knit in it does this torqueing thing—what’s up with that?
and the mermaid sock is starting to look like it namesake

you will be happy to know that i FINALLY cast on for the cashmere shawl and got all the way through two rows! i’m just warning you that it will seem like progress is very slow at first because it starts out on over 300 sts, and gets smaller as i go

however, i look at this as all the more opportunity to photograph this yarn, which compared to that red, is a photographer’s dream (not that i am one).

now . . . you know what i’m thinking? no?? aw—c’mon!
i’ll give you a hint

there’s an old saying, “empty needles invite disaster
and i just want you to know, that i am doing everything within my knitterly powers to make sure that no harm comes to even one hair of any of your heads—or even the heads of the non-knitters.
(and yeah, even the crocheters).

15 thoughts on “no disasters scheduled yet

  1. The skirt is sooo nice!! I’ll be watching for one of those “up close, you can’t see anything, really!” pics though. In the name of science, you dig? 🙂

    You have a wealth of knitting books (esp. stitch dictionaries), eh? Any suggestions? (Just a random question, I always see books peeking out and wonder what you think of them, what are the most used in your knitterly household, etc.)

  2. Is your Trekking yarn spiraling back on itself when it comes from the ball? I noticed that Trekking torqued on me until I used the yarn from the outside of the ball rather than from the center.

  3. The skirt is beautiful. I have a ball of Trekking that I haven’t started on yet. I’m thankful to Joan for her comment above I will have to remember that trick because I’m a center ball yarn user.

  4. My Trekking socks torque too–I have a stockinette pair on the needles right now, and I can see it happening. I think this has happened to me with other sock yarns too–Opal, maybe? I don’t think it’s any cause for alarm though.

    Your skirt is SO cute and flirty. Love it! I think I’d want to wear it with a little tiny slip. 😉

    And I just want you to know that I spent several hours yesterday in a minivan full of knitters, and everyone in the van was looking forward to the moth shawl pattern with great enthusiasm. Really!

  5. anne! that skirt is just sweeeeet! What fiber did you use? is there any fiber in my line that would work? I soooooo want to make that for my daughter Amy for Christmas – she can totally pull it off (as in wearing it) and I have her name this year!!!

  6. That’s unspeakably cute. If I had any talent as a designer I would be jealous, jealous, jealous…but since I don;t I a jsut hanging around paint ing to buyt the pattersn. I have this pink cotton/rayon blend I was going to make a long pi skirt out of, but I think this is better. I see it with docs.

  7. OMG, couldn’t wait to get home from camping to read your blog! OMG, the skirt is just darling! OMG I love the yarn you used…OMG, OMG, OMG!

  8. I have a 20 year old and the 80’s seem to be back. Since I lived through them the short jean skirt with leggings is a bit boring to me, but the idea of a lace skirt like this with leggings…. I love that idea.
    It is beautiful.

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