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our red scarf fundraiser design—snow flies—knit by our dear friend barb. it looks like an ordinary scarf, one of hundreds you could choose to knit this season, but let me tell you how it is SO much more . . . and the most important $7 you could spend this holiday season.


first, every cent from sales of this pattern through 12/31/16 will go into our scholarship fund. and if you are lovin’ on our red festivus 3.0 yarn as well, we are also donating a portion of the yarn and kit sales to the same fund (yes we have kits too, yay!)


who knows, this could be the lifesaver you were looking for—a fast, fun project that can be finished by the 25th and make you  hero twice—once for a special student and once for that lucky recipient.

I always look forward to hearing from our sponsored student and from foster care to success, the organization that we work with to choose the student who will receive our scholarship.


when our contact, tina raheem, wrote to me in august of this year, she included a photo of our previous recipient, brandy, taken during her study-abroad trip in florence. in this photo, it looks like she is visiting venice and is dressed for a masquerade; what a wonderful experience!


in the same letter, she introduced me to our new scholarship recipient, jelissa and included a note from her as well.


i was really REALLY touched to receive this beautifully written note from a young woman i hadn’t yet met or corresponded with. it gets right to the heart of what our scholarship is about—the safety net. here was a student who was faced unexpectedly with an extra year of school that she wasn’t sure how to pay for and there was our scholarship—the perfect fit (no pun intended, haha).

i asked permission to email jelissa myself, as i have done with our other recipients and got an immediate response:

I am so grateful for you and the Knitspot community for your generous donation to help further my education. If there’s anything you’d like to know about me, please feel free to ask. Just to start, I am 23 years old, from Dallas Texas (moved away when I was ten), currently living in Harlem, NY. I was placed in foster care at 13 years and aged out at 21. I graduated from the Borough of Manhattan Community College in December of last year, and will start classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology August 29th (fall semester).

Thank you again and I can’t wait to hear from you.
Jelissa Roberts

we had a little exchange of emails during the next few days and i liked her so much from what i read; i knew you all would love her too.

then a couple of weeks ago, i wrote to let jelissa know that our red scarf fundraising drive had begun and could she think about a photo essay to send us during this month to share with all of you. today, i received her photos and story, so here it is:

I go to the Fashion Institute of Technology!! This is the 27th street & 7th Avenue entrance of my school.


Just wanted to take a picture of one of our iconic yellow cabs.


This is ME!!! I had a presentation for my AC111 class (Advertising and Promotions). My team and I did really well (I’m in Macy’s by the way, my school is pretty close by.)


I took this in class before my professor came in!


Here’s where I work; which happens to be Central Park!!
It’s called the North Meadow Recreation Center, located at 97th street Mid-Park. In the spring & summer I help out with the basketball clinics and tournaments, run my own fitness program, and join in on other programs in Central Park. Currently I’m running our Youth Hockey and Ice Skating clinics for the winter! I’ve been getting kids suited up in their hockey gear all week!


I was on my way home, here’s a photo of the 145th street & St. Nicholas Station.


AMC Times Square Movie theater! I got to see a free movie!


I take this path to work every day.


It’s me again, with my co-worker Joseph (we call him Cool Joey!). We’re on our way to the Annual staff holiday party.


The holiday party is held at the Central Park Boathouse every year!


Inside the party room.


Thank you sooooo much for everything! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

isn’t she wonderful? thank you all who have purchased and contributed so far; we ALL really appreciate your kindness! doug tells me that our total so far is $2,050—and we’d like to get to $5000 this year so we’ve got a ways to go; please spread the word.


and if you’ve been waiting a bit to see how the snow flies scarf turned out before diving in and purchasing, please know that the pattern is now final—those who have purchased can download a fresh copy and those who purchase now will receive the latest version.


if you’d like a kit for a scarf/wrap size, click here; if it’s the stripey cowl you are after, click here—they are both available in our signature red festivus 3.0 or in beautiful natural shades (and kits or a pattern make a great gift!). tell your ravelry buds about it too or share on your Facebook, twitter, and instagram (with a link).


if you purchase the pattern our site in order to donate a little extra, we will be happy to add the pattern to your rav library; just leave a note on your order and david will take care of that. that reminds me—once you’ve purchased, please join in on our red scarf KAL on ravelry in the knitspot mothership group!


be back soon with my holiday week activities and knitting—see you then!

9 thoughts on “this is what it’s all about

  1. How lovely to meet Jelissa…what a stylish over-achiever! I’ve got both the new cowl pattern and the scarf on the needles currently and haven’t even started the Festivus 3.0 yet. Thanks for the update, Anne!

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  3. What a cutie! Nice to meet Jelissa – and learn a little bit about her story and day to day routine. Happy to support her on her journey.

  4. Oh, how wonderful to meet Jelissa! What a lovely, gracious, accomplished young woman. Such fun to see her NYC; my nephew and niece live in her neighborhood. Please send her our best wishes, Anne; I hope we get to hear more from her! Thanks for starting this effort and letting us all be part of it.

  5. So nice to meet Jelissa! I love her photo essay…a day in the life of…so nice!
    I love supporting the Red Scarf campaign each year.

  6. We are so happy to have Jelissa as our student this year! This project is a really fun, rewarding one for all of us here at Knitspot HQ!

  7. Foster kids have so many barriers to overcome to get to where Jelissa is today. I’m thrilled to be able to support the Red Scarf campaign

  8. Is FIT where you went to school? I remember taking my first class with you and suddenly realizing, “This lady understands draping and fabric” — not the case with every knitting teacher, and a delight as a component of the class — thank you!

  9. jelissa is absolutely gorgeous – those eyes are amazing. and to see her NYC is thrilling. my daughter went to FIT 18 years ago – but 7th and 27th are just the same.
    thank you Anne, for sharing all this with us. this is my favorite post of the year!

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