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the holiday weekend was a good time to get a bunch of knitting done and while i have a few secret projects on the needle that i can’t share, i can tell you that i’m making excellent progress on my birches cardigan. last time you saw it i think it was just the start of the front.


i’ve been sharing my birches progress on our instagram while posting more about the red scarf fundraiser here last week (i’ll catch you up on that in a minute). i’ve taken over our IG account in order to share photos more often—so if i haven’t blogged on a particular day, you can probably find me posting over there. sometimes it will overlap a bit but mostly not—i try to do more in-depth topics here on the blog, so still worth joining us here!


the nice thing about this cardigan project is that in our stone soup DK—i’m knitting with the marble shade here—on size 8/5.0 mm needles, it knits up so incredibly fast. when i have an hour to knit, i can get a whole repeat of the cable pattern done (36 rows; not too shabby). now that i can see a quantity of fabric and with the distance of the camera lens, i am really liking the combination of cable and background texture.


obviously this is not a birch tree, but i still enjoyed spotting that wavering texture in my back yard and then later, replicated in my knitting.


i was soon at the underarm bind off, a milestone that i always celebrate with a little “yay” (in my head, not out loud, haha. unless i’m knitting with barb). there is something about reducing the stitch count by just a few that spurs me on.


more progress on christmas morning; i really have to control how much i get off track from the deadline knitting i’m supposed to be doing, so i’ve had to limit my work on birches, even tho it would be SO easy to zoom ahead and finish it up. i know in my heart that finishing my obligations first will reward me with a relaxed frame of mind—or that’s what i tell myself anyway. and let’s face it, it’s ALL knitting, right? i’m so lucky that this is my job!

4 thoughts on “tree hugger

  1. Have you noticed that there is no instagram icon on this page? And that if you click on “instagram” above, it says “cannot find server”?. I had no idea there was instagram, and it took a lot of clicking up above to get to it, so I had been missing out on all the pictures. I am glad you liked the vintage sheep…I share them only with people who will really appreciate them.
    Happy NewYear

  2. I’m loving the way this sweater is developing! So looking forward to the pattern release.

    Happy new year (almost)!

  3. That’s really cool Anne. . . . love how it looks like that tree. And I know that’s the point, but it’s cool that it actually DOES look like that tree.

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