Join us for a Fiber Journey in 2017!

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We just wanted to take a moment to remind you all that signups are still open for our next round of Bare Naked Knitspot Club. If you’ve never participated in one of our clubs before, I’d like to tell you how different they are from your standard yarn club:


We know that a lot of you are pretty serious about your knitting. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been knitting for years, a yarn club is a big commitment, especially when it extends over a whole year. With Bare Naked Knitspot, we prepare four carefully curated shipments of high quality, unusual fiber that you might not experience outside the club. It’s not a major stash enhancement or a renewing subscription. You pay once, and then we send yarn with patterns designed to show it off at its best. It’s that easy!


Some clubs like to send little trinkets or snacks along with your yarn. Others send needles. We love all of these ideas, but when we pulled together as a team and decided on the goodies for this club, we wanted to send along things that you could actually use again, and again, and again. Our extras for this round of Bare Naked Knitspot are thoughtfully selected especially for this club, which means they’re more likely to be something you’re interested in getting (and keeping) well beyond the last shipment.


We have two main club types: Natural and Dyed. The names of these clubs change around a bit – Pairings, Fall in Full Color, and Envy are good examples of our color clubs, where you get a range of different dyed yarns, while Bare Naked Knitspot clubs will always feature yarns in their natural tones. In BNK, we often enjoy custom yarns in exotic fibers, spun by our partner mills or suppliers exclusively for the club. And when we develop a new yarn to add to our established lines, BNK clubbies usually get to see it first. We think that some variety is pretty great, but this also allows you to pick and choose which club cycles interest you most.


Each shipment, we update your club eBook with the latest installment. These chapters don’t just include patterns, but also tips, tricks, and interesting information and thoughts from our suppliers and from founder/creative director Anne Hanson. Anne has designed hundreds of patterns and puts a lot of thought into each and every one we send out with our club. She personally writes and researches the e-book topics so that you get the best information, straight from her, to make the most of each yarn we send.


You aren’t just one monthly member of a huge club with us – you’re part of a group of people who are passionate about great yarn and fiber. Our Ravelry group is extremely active and fun, and many members come back again and again because they make life long friends in our clubs. Our active moderators are members too, and we constantly seek feedback and thoughts from our participants about what they would like to see in upcoming cycles.

Knitspot clubs are so much more than just a standard yarn club! We hope that you’ll join us with our latest fiber exploration cycle, Bare Naked Knitspot 2017, because we have so many beautiful things in store for you. Give us a chance to show you how great yarn clubs can really be!

2 thoughts on “Join us for a Fiber Journey in 2017!

  1. Simply put, there is no better club to advance your knitting and knowledge to the next level. I participated in many very popular clubs over the years and made a couple of projects but most yarn just added to the stash (and I have cute trinkets that a strewn about without much use). When Anne began her clubs, I jumped on board and have never looked back (or felt the need to continue with any other club). The patterns are exceptional; I have made and wear most projects, given others as treasured gifts, and expanded my depth of knowledge in ways I never imagined. Like all clubs, it is a financial commitment; for me, it is like a favorite vacation destination–it may cost money but I am guaranteed to enjoy the journey!

  2. Well said Sheryl! I have been in every one of Anne’s clubs and have loved them all! I am a better knitter because of Anne. Her in-depth knowledge of yarn, the way she shares her design process with us and her gorgeous designs keep me coming back club after club.

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