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is it raining where you are too? ready for a little cheery color and some super-cute baby pictures? two days ago i visited my friend janet and her granddaughter addison while the weather was glorious and we photographed some baby items. so today, i bring you rosebuddie, a square baby blanket (or shawl) splashed all over with rosebuds and sunshine.

this easy-to-work piece is comprised entirely of simple eyelet patterns with all-knit rest rows, but the final result is much more than the sum of its parts—even the baby knows.

(she was completely entranced by the textures here, hee-hee!)
worked in a soft, machine washable fingering or sock yarn, this piece is as lightweight and practical as it is pretty—sure to be appreciated by any young family, at home or on the go.

shown above, the small size in fearless fibers MCN luxury, a merino/cashmere/nylon fingering yarn, in colorway meadow.

shown below, the large size, also in MCN luxury, colorway chastity.

this yarn was the perfect choice for this piece—soft and snuggly to the touch, lovely to knit with, and just the right weight for baby. it can be easily wrapped to swaddle a child in warm folds of softness or spread wide to provide a nice play space—the baby thinks it’s perfect.

(what do you think—do we have a future yarn appreciator here, or what?)

deb at fearless fibers wants everyone to know that she is happy to dye up any of her MCN colorways in the yardage needed of this project; if you don’t see what you want in the quantity you need, please contact her and she will dye a batch for you.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

deb kessler, who collaborated with me on this project is a long-time friend and “fearless” supporter of knitspot projects and once again, she supplied just the right thing. you can view all of her lovely yarns and colorways in the fearless fibers shop on etsy (you won’t be sorry!)

as with many, many of my projects, our dear friend karolyn pitched in by test knitting the beautiful green/yellow sample you see on this page. it’s not just that she knits (and so fast and so beautifully)—it’s how joyfully she does it; i think she likes taking part in these projects even more than i do, and that’s a LOT.

a word of appreciation too, for our friend carol, who also helped out with test knitting and providing her usual stellar feedback; she seems to have enjoyed her knit immensely.

and last but not least, thank you to janet and addison for giving me a couple of hours of their time and being such great sports for the camera.

the weather was fine, but the air here is full of ragweed right now, so we did have a few tears—but nothing that grandma (and a nice soft blankie) couldn’t fix.

(it’s like watching a fire, isn’t it?)

48 thoughts on “rosebuddie

  1. So sweet!! Grandma has the right to be proud of that little one! The size of the blanket is wonderful; moves easily beyond baby to older child. Gorgeous yarn!

  2. Those pictures almost made me cry. Today is little Bella’s first birthday. I had her out yesterday in the chill with her bee blanket. I think she needs a Rosebuddie too!! Now to decide which color to order. Thanks for beautiful pattern and posting on my grandbaby’s first birthday.

  3. What sweet pictures! A beautiful baby cuddled in a beautiful blanket! Is the hoodie a pattern of yours? That is cute too! Thank you.

  4. Oh, what a charming photo essay! And the baby is even sniffing the yarn – perfect training! She also looks beyond adorable in the sweater. Lovely blankies – makes me think I should knit one but no babies to knit for at the moment.

  5. Oh, definitely a knitter in the making! She’s doing the snuggability test on the yarn alright! I can’t get over how different the blankets look in the two colourways. Lovely!

  6. OH MY GOSH, if that isn’t the sweetest!!! I love that first photo with that little hand; and where she is squishing the blanket, how cute is that?! What a perfect little model ham!

  7. What a fun day that must have been for you all, out in the sunshine with the perfect little flower. With her appreciation showing already, I think Addison will certainly grow to be a fine knitter. I just love the blankie – but the pictures made my day. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh she’s darling! (The blankie’s pretty great, too, btw!) I love the one where she’s got the melon blankie up to her face…looks like she’s sniffing it!

  9. Beautiful blanket, beautiful baby with an early appreciation for fine yarn and knitting, and I love the little sweater. Did I miss the pattern for that somewhere?

  10. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen portions of that baby sweater on this blog. We do we get to see that pattern? The blankets are just beautiful and the model is a doll!

  11. The blanket is beautiful, both colorways too. She is such a little cutie and I am dying to know too what the baby sweater pattern is.

  12. How did you know it was raining (pouring!) here!? That blanket and those pictures definitely brought some virtual sunshine to my day!! Gorgeous blanket and darling pics of the baby!! I love that blanket in both colors!! Bravo!!

  13. I am enjoying my knit; I only wish I could knit faster! I just posted some pictures of my progress on my Ravelry page; I’m nearly to the edging. We had an outbreak of summer here on the westcoast, not the best blanket knitting weather, but I push on. Soon, I too, will be on the look out for adorable babies to sweep up and rock to sleep. Can’t wait!

  14. Janet and Addison were the PERFECT models for your Rosebuddie. The blanket is gorgeous as are all of your designs.

    Seeing Addison made me long for my precious granddaughter, Marian, who is already 2 weeks old. Alas, I won’t get to meet her until next April at the earliest. *sigh*

    Keep up the wonderful designing…each piece is better and more desireable than the one before!

  15. Anne, did you put knitting needles into little Addison’s hands, to make sure she grows up to be a knitter? ;o)

    Love the blanket and also the sweater; I’ll have to run off to your pattern store to see if it’s one of yours.

    I’m almost brave enough to knit a baby sweater.

  16. oh my gosh – fabulous photos. And I think that if you use the photo of that little doll with the blanket up to her nose as your pattern photo, everyone and their brother will want to make it. 😀

  17. Aw, boy. That last set of photos is DARLING. (Cute blanket, too, natch! I am wondering if I’ll ever have time to make it for my daughter…

  18. TOO charming! Oh, thank you. I really need some adorable tonight. While I’ve no interest (at the moment) in knitting a blankie, I have loads of desire to park this blog entry on my start-up screen and stare at the beautiful photos.

  19. Absolutely beautiful Anne! congratulations on the wonderful pattern! I plan on making this one for myself *grin*

    Wonderful pictures as well! and beautiful writing 🙂 It is always a joy to come and read your blog and look at your pictures 🙂

  20. What a beautiful blanket…..the colours are so cheerful…..Is the baby sweater one of your patterns as well ? Little Addison is adorable…..babies are sooo cute

  21. Oh my…I love that blanket. Wish my stepdaughter wasn’t expecting a little boy. Maybe if I made it in a “boy color”??? Is the sweater pattern available?

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