what’s cookin’, good lookin’?

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yesterday was a bright, beautiful fall day, just perfect for a photo shoot—which was good, because we got rained out on thursday. beckie, kian, and i convened early for a quick trip to the farmer’s market downtown, then headed back to my house to take some pictures, once the sun was up a little higher (even on a clear day, the mornings are markedly darker now).

more results of that session in a few days—i need to do the editing on the pictures before i’ll be ready, but we will definitely have this pattern out to later this week.

i’m afraid we overindulged at the market once again, considering how much we also have coming in from our gardens. i was looking for specific ingredients to go with the ones i had home; i wanted to make soups this weekend with some of my fall harvest.

i have parsnips, parsley, celery, leeks, celeriac, scallions, peppers, and tomatoes. i bought bread, cantaloupe (for david), freshly-dug potatoes, and corn, but then beckie bought a gigantic cabbage, so i took half to help her out (thanks beckie!). i’ve never made cabbage soup, but have been wanting to try it, so this was a good opportunity.

but of course, it meant i’d be in the kitchen all of saturday afternoon. no matter; i like cooking and with a book to listen to while i work, it’s really relaxing and nice to be away from the computer for a while.

first, i got some tomatoes in the oven to prepare a batch of paste for the freezer

this is the second big batch this week and i think i probably have enough now for winter; i’ll have to think of something else to do with tomatoes from now on. i still haven’t tried the ketchup, but i think that might be next; all the cooking it requires is a good way to compact the tomatoes so they take up less space.

next i prepped for the potato soup—i just used a basic recipe from a friend, adding in the celeriac, leeks, and celery to initial sauté. once the potatoes had cooked through, i pureed it, then added a scant amount of cream, scallions, fresh corn, and some grated carrot for color and texture.

YUM. we had it for dinner with cheese melts; it was really good.

the cabbage soup had a similar list of ingredients, plus a few more—tomatoes, cabbage, parsnips, barley, vinegar. it’s amazing how changing just a few things in a soup makes it a whole different dish. i’m glad i finally made this—it’s delicious in a whole different way from the other soup and i think it made about three gallons, haha. we have plenty put away in the freezer for a while . . .

now that the evenings are chilly, it’s good to be eating soup again. besides tasting great and being good company for bread, it’s full of vitamins and minerals and so easy to heat up for a quick supper. making it now when all the ingredients are so fresh, is another good way to capture and preserve the fullest flavor of the vegetables.

i never did get to make that other batch of stuffed peppers i planned, but maybe this evening; it’s supposed to rain later, so it might be a good time to do it.

i have to confess, i have little knitting i can show you today—i’m working on two secret projects and that leaves just my writ warmers to share. one is done now

but not even blocked yet; i should have the other one done very soon and once it is, i’ll soak them both together. i think the lace portion of these should actually be a little shorter; that would make them seem a little fuller without adding to the actual diameter (which seems big enough).

i spent a lot of time swatching this week to get started on one of the secret projects, so that of course took a bit away form actual project knitting. but that’s on the needles now and will probably travel with me on my next couple of trips, to knit on while i relax at night.

i also worked on this big swatch i’ve been knitting and reknitting all summer. and finally, finally, it’s all worked out. i’ll finish it tonight and block it so we can talk about it next time. it’s a plan for a bigger lace project i thought i’d have on the needles long before now, but sometimes, project just need that gestation time and there’s nothing i can do to push it. i have to say though, i’m glad it’s finally pulled together; i’m tired of this swatch, haha.

i also played around with some ideas for my coat; i think i’ve settled on what yarn i should use (an oldie, but goodie, from my personal stash), but i’m not at all certain what shape it should be or what fabric and texture i’d like. i’m pondering . . .

now i think it’s time i got out on my bike for a spin—don’t want to get rained out . . .

23 thoughts on “what’s cookin’, good lookin’?

  1. You are an amazing knitter and designer. You have an incredible garden. Have you considered donating some of your extra “farm goods” to a local food bank or homeless shelter? I’m sure they would be grateful.

    Yours, a regular reader

  2. Seeing all of your food is making me hungry. Good, healthy food. And bike riding…no wonder you look so great. : )

    Every time I see that Pea Shoots rectangular shawl my jaw drops. This is one project that is going to be for me for sure. I’ll have to sandwich it in between all of the holiday knitting I’ve got going on, but I’m determined to cast on as soon as the pattern releases. Meanwhile, I have plenty to keep me busy thanks to Knitspot patterns.

  3. I’ve just come home from 2 days at the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival. It’s the 16th year and it’s great fun. I hope some year you’ll make the trip and check it out for yourself. The Finger Lakes are especially beautiful this time of the year.

    And I agree ….I’m going to have to make some soup too…’tis the season.

  4. Anne! those soups look amazing! and what day will you be at Rhinebeck? I’d like to do some serious stalking…..

  5. YUM!!!!! Good soup and cool evenings sound just heavenly. Our temperatures climbed back up to the high 80’s here in Missouri this weekend which really puts a crimp in any plans to use the stove – but the bar-b-que is still going strong.
    I’m sure now that the pea shoots are in my future. Lovely!

  6. Mmm another eager knitter who loves soup but can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the rectangular Pea Shoots!
    It is certainly Autumnal here in the UK. Toad in the hole and apple crumble with real custard here last night. It is lovely to use the first of the apple crop and home-laid eggs! I love seeing your culinary journey as much as the fibre one. Thanks.

  7. Yummy! Your food always looks so delish!

    Keep me in mind to test knit the large project 🙂

    I started Rosebuddie and am in love! Also started a pair of long John socks! Love them too 🙂

  8. Those soups look so yummy, very inspiring! The best part about all your food freezing is that you will barely have to cook at all this winter – nearly all the work is done except deciding which yummy thing to take out of the freezer!

    Pea shoots is so pretty on Beckie! Now I’m torn – do I make Twinnings with the Fearless Fibers I have set aside or Pea Shoots? All these hard choices!

  9. Mmm, that cabbage soup looks magnificent. And what a great idea to listen to an audio book while cooking! The idea had never even occurred to me. I know what *I’m* doing next weekend!

  10. I have one question, Anne – do you require sleep?? I can’t get over how much you accomplish and so well. You continually impress and inspire me!

  11. tomato/cabbage soup is an old jewish staple – and i always make it this time of year for eating in the Sukkah (temporary booth in which we eat for a week starting this coming Wednesday night). i make mine sweet and sour, with lemon juice, brown sugar or honey and a bit of citric salt in addition to the veggies. yum yum yum. and i always add one beet for more color.
    yours looks gorgeous anne.

  12. try tomato jam –

    google the recipe from the new york times about two years ago
    toast and grind your own cumin
    don’t be afraid of more ginger and jalepenos
    you can this for wonderful gifts

    cook it in a really heavy pot for a long time about 1 1/2 to 2 hours

    it is great on fish chicken toast veggies.

  13. I look forward to seeing what that swatch develops into! I’ve done a similar rose trellis pattern for a scarf, and it just has the loveliest look when blocked!

  14. That potato soup looks like what my Grandma used to make–she always chopped up hard boiled eggs in hers though. I suppose they were plentiful and stretched the soup to go farther. I still put them in mine and in my bean soup too. Oh, and in chicken corn soup. I plan on making soup a lot of weekends this fall/winter. Looks like we’re in for a warm up this week though!

  15. Your soup looks so delicious! I’m trying to wait a bit longer to eat lunch and those photos are making it hard to wait! And those baby photos from yesterday were precious!

  16. The Pea Shoots rectangular shawl is spectacular. And those soups look wonderful. I won’t be able to have lunch for at least 1-1/2 hours and the soups are really making me hungry! Any way you’re willing to share the recipes?

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