i fell for it

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cheryl started it. and for some reason a whole string of us followed suit. i didn’t just start another project, i committed to RACING against knitters. i mean. i never even joined a knitalong. i’ve come close, and i was thinking, ok, this could be my first one! so now it’s a race, and you are invited to go to cheryl’s blog and lay bets on who will finish their moth shawl first. anyone who enters will be eligible for the prize drawing!

unfortunately, i can’t see their progress from here because of all the dust i’m waving away from my face! i got a late start and didn’t cast on til last night, but you never know. i don’t really know the knitting habits of the competitors at all. are they fast starters who lose interest? or slow ones who pick up speed (that would be scary . . .).

the only thing i really care about is the thing that no one else will notice til it goes horribly wrong. IS THE PATTERN OK?? (i know i am being a horrible bore about the pattern—that’s why it is called obsessing.)
and so far, so good. they are zoomin’

oh yeah, do you want to see my start? i am just happy to be finally making one of my own! in this gorgeous alpaca i bought in france.

and just in time, too—the chilly weather is hitting our area pretty consistently. it’s been settling into the 50s at night for over a week now. the trees are fading. autumn is coming!

are we sick of tomatoes yet? too bad, there are always more to deal with! i took care of that for a while yesterday, but i never got to the peppers and greens that are out there.

that’s just from one trip to the garden. and it’s just the small tomatoes. my friend carol tells me her grandson just loves those yellow ones i gave her with the little “handles”. ha! boy, is she in trouble now! i cooked a big pot of regular tomatoes for the freezer

alright now, i am going to go knit some cashmere up. i’ve neglected that for the sake of starting the alpaca shawl, and now i need to make up to it.

16 thoughts on “i fell for it

  1. You get a tomato crop like that, and you also get an early Fall? Please oh please tell me what growing zone you live in. I’m moving there.

  2. Beautiful start to your shawl! I promise, the minute I think there’s a pattern issue I’ll e-mail you! But I read it through pretty carefully and it really looks like there’s no mistakes! Yay! And enjoy the never-ending tomatoes.

  3. Look at all those tomatoes! You’re obviously doing something right. (I’ve read a number of “bad year for the veggies” posts on other blogs, but yours have clearly flourished!)

    You’re putting the moth down to work on the cashmere thing? That’d be a serious tactical error for anyone else, but since you designed the shawl (and have already knit one perfect one) I think you can probably get away with it. 😉

  4. *ok, for shits and giggles, watch this* hey Anne, you didn’t tell them about the miscount on the last repeat of the last pattern section of the moth shawl yet did you?? *gettin’ ready for the shreeks, grabbin’ my pom-poms* Go Anne, Go Anne, knit that shawl, knit that shawl….ok, ok, I know, THAT was a dirty trick, but I am getting a little antsy lately preparing for the new school year heehee!!

    Ok you guys, if I cheer all of you on, can I have the shawls?? I think I have an incurable disease and the doctors said the ONLY cure is the Moth Shawl knit by someone else, possibly multiple shawls 😉

  5. Go, Anne! Go, Anne!

    I’m betting on you because you know the shawl so well that you don’t even have to look at the pattern and can knit it in the dark and when working at the computer and while riding your bike … ummm, right?

  6. Yum on the tomatoes. My first one came in yesterday, many more to follow.
    I like to dry the little ones too, warm oven, long roast. They get chewy and sweet and I eat them like candy!
    My favorite abundant tomato recipe? Five large tomatoes, dejuiced and seeded, chopped coarsely and spread thickly over hot pasta, plus a dress of beautiful olive oil, chopped basil, and a sprinkle of parmesean. Course salt and pepepr, a glass of barbera, you’re done. I can’t wait.

  7. Beautiful tomatoes! That’s what my kitchen counter looked like a month or so ago but they’re on the wane now (waiting for the second crop, if it cools off enough). I second the slow-roasting suggestion; it works beautifully if you have convection setting on your oven. I sprinkle with coarse salt, rosemary, garlic and olive oil and then eat them like candy. If you get a batch in the freezer, they will dress up your sauces with the taste of summer for months to come!

  8. Holy tomatoes, and those are just the small ones??

    Nice color and yarn for the your shawl, so very different in personality from the white mohair.

  9. I think yall are hilarious! Lace superstars anyway to be racing 🙂

    Those tomatoes are gorgeous, I can almost smell them. Nothing much better to me than fresh from the garden tomatoes…

  10. Oh, what fun! Go, Anne. KNIT, KNIT!!!!

    Dave’s comment made me laugh! If it gets that bad, Anne, and you start knitting while you cycle, well you just tell us and we’ll call the men in the white coats to come and get you. They’re waiting in the wings (a little moth reference there for ya ;).

  11. Wow on the tomatoes! We have tons of green tomatoes on the vine. I don’t know if they’ll ever turn red.

    I’m betting on you for the Moth. Go Anne go!

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