just one thing to say today

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happy, happy birthdays to my dear, sweet husband david and my best friend beckie (they share the same birthday, how cool is that?)

may your days be filled with the sweetest of pleasures!!

27 thoughts on “just one thing to say today

  1. Oh….my……goodness! This is going to be sooooooo delicious! What a beautiful cake. Thank you!

  2. Yummy looking cake – chocolate is the best. I bet there will be a good dinner along with it.
    Happy birthday to your hunky hubbie and to your best friend too. Oct. 1st is a good day for a BD!

  3. Happy Birthday to David and Beckie. Many more to come! And that cake looks FABULOUS!!!!

  4. How cool!!! My brother and one of my best friends are also October 1 – what a wonderful day.

    Happy Birthday David!!!

  5. You are a woman of many talents, Anne! That cake looks so delicious. Happy birthday, David and Beckie.

  6. Happy Birthday dear David and Beckie!! May the upcoming year surround you with love, peace and good friends!!

    Much love!!

  7. Happy birthday to David & Beckie! I’m not sure which is more exciting–pictures of your yarn or that cake. It looks fantastic!

  8. Happy Birthday, David and Beckie!!!! Wishing you both good health and much happiness. Enjoy Anne’s cake. I’m living vicariously. Less calories that way : )

  9. Ohhh, I’m late to the game, but happy birthday to David and Beckie! What a happy coincidence. 🙂 I hope they had a wonderful day.

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