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have i mentioned that we’ve put together a special week of surprises in the ramp up to rhinebeck 2017? even if you can’t make it to the festival next weekend, we’re bringing it right to your desktop with wonderful new patterns (like the field and shore blanket i released in yesterday’s post) and new kits.

today we are featuring a special kit to celebrate the vivid colors and crisp sensations of autumn in rhinebeck. the kalio cowl, lacinato cap, and colcannon mittens were real favorites among our pairings 2016 clubbies, then knit in deep, black/green shades of late autumn.

for the general release of the patterns, we’ve reworked the color scheme, this time knitting them in the river rock shade of stone soup DK with a feederbrook farms entropy gradient, custom dyed just for us in this sugar maples colorway that is perfect for leaf peeping in october.

we just love the way it turned out! a perfect riot of color and texture—festive, but modern.

each rhinebeck colors kit includes one 300-yard skein of each yarn (600 yards total) plus a special eBook version of three patterns PLUS a drawstring project bag to hold everything—totally portable, totally giftable.

The kit has enough yarn to knit BOTH a cowl and a cap (with pom pom) and probably a headband as well OR a headband, cowl, and mittens. each pattern includes two sizes which are well-covered by the yardage. you can use either yarn choice as the foreground color; we’ve knit the cowl and cap both ways—one with colorful leaves and one with the leaves in silhouette. we like both!

worked with stranded knitting technique, the fabric offers body and warmth; the high merino content lends just the right amount of slouch and and next to the skin softness. our sample knitters were enthralled, watching the colors advance.

click here to purchase the kit now and have it shipped or pick up in person at our indie untangled booth on friday 10/20 or our popup shop on sunday 10/22 at the courtyard marriott in kingston.
but don’t wait too long; we’ve been getting inquiries all week about our sneak peeks on instagram and i think these will go fast.
see you in RB!

thanks a million to our lightening-speed sample knitters vanessa and barb; we SO appreciate your knitting prowess!

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  1. Birnam Wood Shawl. I am confused about your pattern. I sent a request via KnitSpot. I am now stuck after doing Section C where it says to repeat 24 rows 6 more times. That does not match with the photo for the longest and largest shawl. Help!!

  2. Will the Feederbrook yarn be available in the shop? I love this gradient – such pretty fall colors. I have all patterns. 🙂

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