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a short post today, because i want to get outside soon—i’ve been biking every day in a desperate attempt to make the most of our unusually long streak of lovely fall weather. we’ve had the most gorgeous autumn this year, noticeably lacking in the gray plague that is more normal for this time. and the trees are hanging on to their leaves a little longer too—we’ve been treated to an unexpectedly colorful display, considering how dry a year it’s been. it makes for nice biking, that’s for sure.

the house actually gets brighter at this time of year, as the trees empty themselves of leaves, opening up our windows to the sky. just a week ago or so, they were still throwing shade on the house, but now, the upper hall is noticeably brighter. the light has been incredible, too—all warm and glowy and perfect for taking photos of knits and yarn.

i made a tentative start on my pilgrim sweater—just a few inches to see how i like the way the patterns are laid out. i’m going with cabled trims, for sure, but i might still back up and restart it to work on one big piece. i hate how bulky those projects get, though . . . i like the portability of working in separate pieces (and i’ll soon be traveling again). in any case, the pattern will almost certainly be written and tested for working in one piece. or maybe i should take a poll on that. let me know which you prefer (it’s worked bottom up if that makes a difference).

i’m tooling along on wasp and rose as well, finally finishing section A last night and ready to launch on section B tonight. yay. i just love knitting with the kami bison yarn. i wasn’t completely smitten at first, having been spoiled by knitting with the fibre isle magique recently. but now i adore the way the yarn feels as it slips through my fingers, so silky, yet so substantial. and i look forward to every meeting with this project.

my delicato scarf is growing too, though admittedly, mostly due to my laziness the last couple of nights. i should’ve worked more on my bougainvillea mitts, but i was tired by the time we finally sat to watch TV (all that biking) and the scarf was sitting right there, so easy and mindless to knit.

to make progress on the mitts, i’m going to have to put the scarf in the other room, where it won’t tempt me.

because it is so utterly tempting—aside from being easy and soothing to knit, the nimbus cloud yarn is absolutely lovely. i mean, even the name is tempting, isn’t it? and this lilac frost color is so easy on the eyes late at night; can you blame me? sigh.

we’re working on patterns for everything—the elm leaves wristlets (that’s the name i decided on) are with the proofreader now and several other items are in one or another stage of getting written up.

while i’m out riding, i’ll be thinking about my sweater and also planning my cooking for the weekend—i think we’re going to make pizza together, but i also want to make soup (fish soup, i think) and some baked macaroni and cheese (YES, it’s that time of year, yay!). that should carry us trough the week pretty nicely.

the new winter issue of twist collective will be released on monday and i can hardly allow myself to think about it, i’m so excited—i have a design included that i’m really anxious for you to see, which i worked on this summer in absolute secrecy with two of our dearest fiber friends. i’m just dying to see how you like it. we’ll celebrate with a little photo essay of our own right here.

hope you have a good weekend with lots of knitting and great weather—see you on the other side!

35 thoughts on “wondrous weather

  1. I love the pattern on the new sweater and I want to place cast my vote for separate pieces on the pattern. What yarn is that you’re using, I love the color! Happy biking…

  2. voting for separate pieces on the Pilgrim. I am tired of top-down. I also love the light that the naked trees are allowing through the old windows in our home. This is a golden autumn in all ways. Maybe the crimson leafed trees and bushes will hold for your Albany trip (if you are going this year!) The Hudson River Valley is still gorgeous! Like your work.

  3. I’m also voting for separate pieces. Although I usually drag my feet when it’s time to piece it all together, I like the structure and stability of the sweater much better.

    I love the color your using, but then, I love all of Chris’s works of art!

  4. My vote is also for separate pieces. I am not wild about bottom up cardigans in one piece. I am really intrigued by this sweater and can’t wait to see how it progresses! Have a nice weekend!

  5. I can’t wait to see Twist Collective! As you can tell from my Rav page (and my buying history, lols), I’m not much of a sweater knitter–but I love looking at the patterns and dreaming. Maybe someday when I have a lot more free time . . .

  6. I love one-piece garment projects. I am not afraid of seaming, but something about watching a garment grow on my needles whole and complete is deeply satisfying to me.
    For reinforcement I sometimes use EZ’s trick of unraveling a knit stitch at the side seams, then working it back up with a crochet hook, making a false seam.

    Also, when making something in one piece I don’t need to keep track of how many rows I did on the front vs the back.
    I usually knit the sleeves at the same time on two sets of needles to avoid counting rows. Counting rows is really hard for me visually. My eyes don’t meet at the same point, and trying to focus on that one point to count those ‘v’s is very frustrating sometimes, even in the best light.

  7. Wow, I thought I would be in the minority, I’ve never seen so many “pro-pieces” comments in one place. Interesting. I also would vote for separate pieces, both for portability and ease of knitting, as well as structure and shape in the final sweater. Thanks for polling…

  8. Sweaters IN ONE PIECE by all means! Sewing the others together is such a down. They seldom really look sleek for most people.

  9. I too am enjoying this out of season weather here in NE Ohio. I am eager to see the Twist offerings on Monday. I like the separate pieces only because it feels “sturdier” to me when finished.

  10. I’m casting my vote for a one piece, knit in-the-round sweater. I am sitting here staring at several pieces of an adorable knitted hippo because I am not a fan of finishing.

  11. Can’t wait to see the Twist Collective project! There’s a delicious monkfish stew recipe in the Zuni Cafe cookbook–tomatoes, white beans, saffron and fresh fennel.

  12. One piece on the sweater pattern – that’s my vote. Thanks for asking. It’s a rainy Saturday in Wisconsin. Listening to Willie Porter and thinking about what to knit next. Life is good, aina hey?

  13. Love the pilgrim color. I like the one piece idea. Looking forward to Monday. I’m going to have to add a separate line item to my budget to cover all the Knitspot patterns I buy; let alone the yarn. I agree with Roseann life is good.

  14. I also vote for one piece from the bottom up or top down, especially with a pattern. It’s hard to get the seams to match sometimes. I like the flow better for a once piece as well. But I am not very tall either so don’t have to knit as far as others do.

  15. Enjoy that sunny weather! We’re getting some gorgeous days like that here, too (low 70s and sunny), and I’m loving every minute of it. The knitting’s looking good, and I can’t wait to see the Twist surprise! 🙂 (P.S. I vote for one piece, but then I’m a one-piece kind of knitter…)

  16. Love the pilgrim sweater! I think separate pieces might make for a nicer fit, but I love the one piece idea.

    ps to Roseann, I can’t think of anything more perfect to listen to on a rainy Saturday-in Wisconsin, no less-than Willie. 🙂

  17. the autumn colours are just beautiful. I miss autumn, but the way time is going this year it won’t be long and it will be autumn again, just have to get through the heat of summer. Your knitting is absolutely beautiful.

  18. Separate or one piece—whatever! With Chris’s yarn and your knitting it will be FAB U LOUS.
    Can’t wait to follow the progress on this sweater.

  19. It must be so lovely riding in that weather. I used to love biking but have not done it for many years. I am also a one piece sweater knitter.

  20. I vote for separate pieces–the structure is so nice when there are seams. I’m so looking forward to seeing your Twist Collective sweater!

  21. I just opened the Fall issue of Twist Collective and I love Leaving!!! Another absolutely incredible design. And the choice of cardigan or pullover make it so versatile. Congratulations Anne. Now I have to rummage in my stash and see if I can make it for the holidays. 🙂

  22. I just looked at the new issue of Twist Collective and I love your new sweater LEAVING!!!! Absolutely beautiful – have so much knitting to do for the holidays but want to start this for me…. what a dilemma….Thanks for your beautiful designs as always!!! 🙂

  23. Your cardi/pullover in the new Twist Collective is stunning (as always)! I really want to make this (as well)! But being a good girl, I must finish my Bel Air first, mustn’t I?
    However, it wouldn’t hurt to order the yarn already…
    Thank you Anne!

  24. Your new sweater in the Twist Collective may be dangerous to the health!! I was having a late breakfast while reading the new TC and I almost choked when I laid eyes on LEAVING. Most gorgeous thing ever. How on earth do you do it? I think I will be knitting my first Knitspot sweater!! I’ve always admired your designs but felt I just couldn’t take on the challenge. This one I must have!!!

  25. Anne, I saw the Twist Collective this am and LOVED the entire issue! There is always a runaway hit when it comes out, and it looks like your sweater, Leaving, may be it. It sure is getting lots of love on Ravelry. Congratulations!

  26. My current sweater project is about 1,400 yards of yarn and that’s a lot of yarn to be carrying around! So probably I’d go for a pieced sweater.

    Just love “Leaving”!!

  27. Just saw “Leaving” and LOVE it! Thanks for making a cardigan version, I adore cardigans so I’ll definitely be giving this one a go. 🙂

  28. I vote for the separate pieces for Pilgrim….I LOVE the Leaving…….of course you look so stunning in it. Can’t wait to start it! I’m so excited for you!!

  29. Beautiful sweater on the Winter Twist Collective! Had to laugh at your first paragraph. I rode every day last week until I was thoroughly and happily exhausted, by Saturday. Needless to say housework and spinning have fallen a little behind….

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