now, where did we leave off?

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i’m working on quite a few projects at once here—almost too many to keep track of (and yet, i want to start more; what does that say about me?). i’m blaming it on christmas and my annual mad desire to knit lots of useful and amusing accessory items. sometimes, they actually make their way to appropriate recipients . . .

anyway, the fact that i have so many things going and so many that i’m very interested in working on, means that i have a big pile of travel knitting. and i don’t think i’m going to attempt to pare it down—we’ll be away for eight whole days and we’re traveling by car; it won’t matter, will it, if i have to bring two knitting bags??

i’ve got the boy jacket project, the legwarmers i’m knitting for my niece, my own warm cardigan project, wasp and rose, a new scarf-et project (more on that in a bit) a couple of secret projects, and two sock projects that have been languishing in my basket, each one nearly done (what is wrong with me that i’m letting them sit?).

at least i got a couple of things off the needles before i had to decide. the crossings mitts got crossed off my to-do list on saturday; after a bath and reshaping on sunday, the are looking mighty sleek and elegant.

we put them on with a bracelet over the cuff in class yesterday and wow—they’d make a great evening accessory in black or shimmering platinum.

the pattern is written and in proofing; i’ll release it sometime after we return, in december.

the other item that got blocked is aria delicato and it is looking lovely indeed—that nimbus cloud yarn is to die for, both the color and the fiber.

susan is stocking up her store as we speak to get ready for the pattern release on monday . . . she’s especially focusing on this lilac frost color. if you don’t have time to knit the scarf, the yarn and/or pattern would make a luscious gift, even for a non-knitter.

i should pack the leftover yarn and the delicato mitts pattern, too; you never know, i could run out . . .

while i was photographing the scarf on my dress form yesterday, i took some update photos of wasp and rose, because you hardly ever get to see that one in its entirety.

admittedly, between the crumpled lace yarn and the fact that is squished onto the needle, it’s hard to get a sense of how pretty it could be one day. but i’m making progress steadily now and it won’t be long til we can see a lot more of it. the top section is a victorian stripe of winding rosebuds, leading into a large rose trellis pattern with diagonal lines. i’m about one-third of the way through that trellis section

i’m debating about whether to take this on my trip; on the one hand, i am enjoying the knitting and look forward to spending time on it every night (thus making very good progress); i’m on a roll. on the other hand, i rarely pick up this sort of project while traveling, even if i have a whole evening free to work on it—i dunno why (lighting? distraction?). i guess it wouldn’t hurt to throw it in the bag; it won’t take up much space.

i don’t know if i mentioned this, but one of the reasons we are leaving so early for montreal (i don’t have to be there til saturday), is that david and i are celebrating our tenth anniversary on thanksgiving day. i can hardly believe that much time has passed since our wedding!

the anniversary socks are packed and tied with a bow to give to david on thursday morning (it’s our tradition; he gets his new winter socks on our anniversary each year. no pun intended, but thanksgiving sorta kicks off the wool sock season in our house.).

i had hoped to have one more pair to add to the pile; something special to mark our first decade. and actually i do have a fourth pair, you just can’t see ’em—they were a secret project. suffice it to say that they are deLISH.

remember when i said i had received back a box of yarn shop samples that had several nice things in it? well, i was rooting through it the other day to sort the contents and found this scarf that i never wrote a pattern for

it’s cute right?? you can wear it several ways and it has a very appealing texture. the pass-through opening is a little larger than i would like, but that’s easily fixed. i dunno why i never wrote a pattern—my other criss cross scarves are very popular. but now i’m ready to do it.

i can’t even remember what yarn i used—obviously something lofty and soft. and i like it just as it is, in cream. after some searching in my stash, i decided on this morehouse merino three-strand worsted in natural soft white

i wound up a skein and put that in my knitting bag. maybe i’ll work that out on my trip; this is the kind of thing i do like to work on in hotel rooms—mindless knitting with a bit of problem solving to do; very entertaining.

this book by sherry ackerman arrived in the mail on tuesday and i decided to pack it along with everything else, so i can browse through and read it at odd moments over the next week.

the good life is about living simply and having more satisfaction. anyone who does anything useful with their hands should be able to appreciate the message. in fact, our endeavors often leave us wanting more of that feeling, in more parts of our lives. we might take up growing our own food, or riding a bike for local travel or getting out of the corporate rat-race to sell patterns (haha). i’m curious to find out how others may have experienced such transitions.

ok, i think i’m finally completely caught up with you now—we’ll be honeymooning for the next couple of days, but not out of touch entirely. i’m sure there’s a story or two to tell from montreal.

happy thanksgiving and safe travels, wherever you might be heading to.

43 thoughts on “now, where did we leave off?

  1. Oh! Please post a pattern for that cabled pull through scarf soon! I would love to knit a bunch and give them to friends for the holiday season!

  2. That Nimbus Cloud yarn is just scrummy. I wish it was easier to get those yarns in the UK – I’ve always got clobbered with horrendous customs charges, almost doubling the price of the yarn 🙁
    Love, Love, Love your collection of project bags. You gave me one of Michele’s cards at KnitNation, and I’ve just ordered a couple as presents (one for a knitting friend and one for me!!) Have a good trip – does David drive so that you can knit?!

  3. Hope you have a perfect Anniversary, and wonderful Thanksgiving, and a safe and FUN trip.
    I’m cracking up over the pile of project bags! I LOVE it! Can’t wait for the scarf pattern.

  4. Happy anniversary! It’s my parents’ anniversary tomorrow, too, though they’ve been married 44 years!

  5. Seeing as how everyone on my list asked for fingerless mitts, leaving me without any for myself, I think Crossings will make a very satisfying post-Christmas project!

    Have a wonderful trip and a lovely second honeymoon! I hope the weather holds out for you.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Anne and David! I hope you have a wonderful day and many more decades of love and devotion with one another.

  7. You totally have me drooling over wasp and rose every time you post pictures of it. It’s gorgeous! I may just have to knit that one myself…

  8. Congratulations, and have a great time in Montreal! My husband and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary this year, too 🙂

    It’s my belief that one can never really bring too many projects on a trip!

  9. Anne, Have a safe trip. you amaze me with your numerous WIP’s. I can’t seem to get one project completed lately. I love how your mini Whitfield is turning out in the Briar Rose colorway. I have to get me some of that yarn.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving too!

  10. Have a great trip and a wonderful anniversary! LOVE the Crossing pattern, very sleek indeed. The book looks really interesting too, I’m reading A Home Companion right now, by Wendyl Nissen – it’s a NZ take on the switch from hectic corporate work to a ‘nana living’ and a fun, easy read so far. For me, leaving retail and the materialistic realm it inhabits in US society was a great thing, Yoga was easier to make a living doing in Seattle, but people here in NZ seem to understand my urge to do something that helps and nurtures people rather than offers me status and heaps of stuff.

  11. Happy anniversary! Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Sherry Ackerman book looks interesting, and the nimbus cloud scarf is beautiful – it looks so soft and luscious. 🙂

  12. Happy Turkey Anniversary!!!!! If you’ve not been to Montreal yet, you’ll love it. Beautiful and fun city and the food is magnifique.
    Enjoy each other.

  13. I want all the patterns. Fabulous as usual. Happy Anniverary and Happy Thanksgiving. It’s my birthday. A good day.

  14. Happy Anniversary Anne and David! A lovely milestone year, I’d say.
    On another note, that is a mighty fine pile of project bags you have there! Have a great trip!

  15. Ann, I am always impressed with the amount of knitting you do. You are obviously using your time very wisely. I would love to know the way you organize yourself to to this. A future blog post? I’m wondering if you knit on a project for an hour and then switch, or do you knit all day one then knit the next at night? And when do you find time to write the patterns and proof them, and when in heaven’s name do you find time to garden, cook, can and do all the other things you describe in your blog.In any case your output is so prodigious that one can only marvel.

  16. Happy Anniversary, Anne and David! Have a wonderful time! Your project bags are quite impressive, and the contents all so pretty:)

  17. Happy Anniversary!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous mitts! I am amazed at the number of project bags you have and the number of projects you are carrying on your trip. And you still have time to design and write patterns?!

  18. Anne –

    You, your patterns and your blog are one of the things I am thankful for this season. I feel like you are a friend that I can share my passion with and aspire to greater knitting things because you are willing to share your expertise.


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Happy Anniversary.

  19. I clearly see that I need more project bags, what a yummy pile 🙂

    I’m also planning travel knitting. Five weeks worth of hot weather knitting, including lots of time on planes. A shawl or two (Pea Vines I think plus something simple), and some socks and mittens. But which socks and mittens, and what if I run out of kntting???

  20. Happy Anniversary to you both. Montreal is my hometown; hope you enjoy it. The weather is pretty cold here just now ( 200 km away) so stay warm.

  21. Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you guys have a memorable trip filled with lots of love and laughs 🙂

    As always, love everything you are designing, knitting, creating! You are a true inspiration!

  22. Bon anniversaire et bonne action de grace to you and David, Anne. Wishing you a wonderful time in Montreal as you celebrate the good life that you share together.

  23. Love the crossings mitts! are they nice and snug or more loose fitting? I have a deep affectons for the snuggy kind that really hug your hands; almost like hidden support/massage :)….. Not asking too much right?! hahaha

  24. Happy one decade Anniversary to both of you, Anne and David.
    Beautifull designs, as usual.
    Have a safe trip.

  25. You must share the source of that lovely luggage – swoon!
    Lovely knitting FO’s and UFO’s!
    Happy Anniversary!

  26. Happy anniversary to you and David!

    Love that you have “the good life”! Sherry is my fave riding teacher (she also teaches philosophy). It’s a small world!

  27. Packing the knitting is always the hardest part of traveling. It took me over two hours to pack for a 3 day stay at my mom’s.

    Safe traveling!

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